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11 Things You Might Not Know About Nylon

nylons by dupont

Nylon was the first fiber to be totally manmade and its invention changed the world. 4 million pairs of nylon stockings were sold in just two days after they went on sale in 1940. Chemist Wallace H. Carothers who created nylon never did get to see his success as after suffering years of depression, he committed suicide in 1936.

  1.  DuPont sold four million pairs of nylon stockings in two days after they went on general sale to the public on May 15, 1940, at $1.15 each and in 1941 sales totaled $25 million.

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Shape up – back to the 50’s

Marilyn Monroe in a swimsuitAll we see these days on TV, the internet and in magazines, are ads and articles telling us we should lose weight, tips on how to lose weight, and guides as to how to do it sensibly with diet and exercise – not to mention the various pills and potions we can take to help us with this ongoing ‘battle’.

However, go back just 60 years and it was a completely different story. The women who were considered the most beautiful in the 1950’s had curvy womanly shapes and skinny women were considered unattractive – which just shows how different body image and beauty was back then to how it is now.

Lingerie models and film stars were glamorous and shapely and adverts at the time were advising women to gain weight with products such as ironised yeast, Kelp-a-Malt and Wate-On liquidised emulsions which ‘Helps make bustline, cheeks, arms, legs fill out, helps put firm solid flesh on skinny figures all over the body’. With cartoon style adverts telling women they would never get a boyfriend if they were thin, there was as much pressure on women to gain weight in the 40’s and 50’s as there is now for us to lose it.

Marilyn Monroe was one of the biggest sex goddesses of our times and pictured many times in bikinis, swimsuits and lingerie/nightwear but she was a size 14, not perfectly toned and even had quite large thighs. In fact, on paper this sounds just like the ‘average’ woman of today.

Skinny Girls Don’t have Oomph! Skinny Girls are not Glamour Girls, There is no excuse for being skinny, Good News for Thousands of Girls who have no SEX APPEAL ………

How to gain weight

Tights or Stockings?

Will you be seduced by the return of stockings?

They are hidden from view but surely there’s no mistaking who wears stockings There’s more choice in the shops, but is it really so easy to tell who wears what? Helen Carroll asked five women to reveal their secrets Hidden from view they may be, but surely there’s no mistaking the type of woman who chooses stockings over tights?

Top Fur Accessories for this Winter

You only have to look at the catwalks to know that fur is an essential part of your wardrobe for 2014 and now many of these gorgeous creations have hit the high street and online shops.  All types and styles of fur are on trend this year, you only need to read any fashion blog or magazine to see the widespread attraction for fur coats, shoes, handbags, gillets, scarves and headwear – and that includes a combination of both real and faux.

Fur accessories are everywhere – from brightly colored fox headbands and hats, raccoon or rabbit scarves and beanies, or shaggy sheep fur handbags to the fun of faux fur in large blocks of bold or pastel colours seen on coats, scarves or any of the outfit styling accessories we all need to perfect our ‘look’.  Retro style classics and oversized real fur coats are also making a comeback in colours such as grey, black, brown or animal print.

Faux fur has been featured on almost everything this year so if you find a full length coat a little overwhelming, adding a little bit of fur to cuffs, collars or bags adds a touch of luxury to any item, as well as the comfort of a little bit of extra warmth – practical for the cold winter months as well as a wise wardrobe investment.

Real fur has been used by a lot of designers this year making it once again fashionable – despite the controversy over it’s use.  However, did you know that synthetic faux fur is non-biodegradable and therefore will end up in landfills?

Whether you choose to wear real or faux, fur is an intrinsic part of this year’s winter wardrobe and accessories such as scarves, hats, gloves or headbands liven up any outfit as well as making fantastic inexpensive Christmas presents.

Our Fur Favourites for this winter:

Pastel Faux Fur Scarf

Block Colour Long Fur Scarf

Mongolian Sheep / Lamb Fur HandbagFox Fur Headbands

Multi colour leopard print fur scarf

Metallic Red Fur Headband

Faux Fur Cossack Hat

All of the above items can be bought in our shop – Fur Hats, Scarves and Headbands

Fur Fashions 2014

Fox fur CoatFur is Fun this Season!

Now that autumn is upon us, it’s time for our thoughts to turn to winter wardrobes – coats, jackets and what accessories we are going to wear with them.

This seasons ‘must have’ is fur, and more of the top  fashion designers than ever have created gorgeous collections, (some using real fur and some faux) with styles and accessories that can be worn on a daily basis or for special occasions.  2014/2015 Fur fashion is fun, with mixed fabrics and lots of colour – bold checks and stripes creating wonderful effects and everything from handbags and shoes to dresses and jackets have incorporated some kind of fur embellishment.

Nothing adds a touch of glamour quite like the unparalleled richness of fur, and for a chic and sophisticated look, some of the vintage classics have been ‘reinvented’ by haute couture designers this year, with floor length fur coats, muffs and wraps  worthy of gracing the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor – all known for their love of fur.

Fur is versatile and adaptable and the sky really is the limit when it comes to how you either wear it, accessorize with it, or choose between real and faux. Although real fur is a tricky issue,  whether you love it or refuse to wear it, there’s no denying that it is making a comeback this season.

Here are some of our top picks for Winter 2014:

Faux Fur Patchwork Coat

Bright colours are in!  Patchwork faux fur coat in blues, grey and Red

White Fur Muff

Super-sized fur muff – ideal for brides.

Sheepskin Fur Handbag

Sheepskin Fur Bag in Pink (available in other colours)

White Fur Wrap

Gorgeous long haired white faux fur stole

Fox Fur Bobble Hats

Wool hats with fox fur pom poms available in black, cream and beige

Long haired faux fur headbands

Stunning faux fur headbands in a variety of colours

Faux fur snood in Peacock Feather Browns

Peacock feather faux fur snood

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Summer Hosiery for the Office but Sexy Enough for After Hours

Nude Stockings, Tights and Socks for Summer

What hosiery if any, should you be wearing this summer – tights, stockings, socks or go for the bare-legged look?

Despite the fact that July so far seems to be plagued by downpours, the warmer weather still requires that we ‘lighten our load’ by wearing summer clothing and this includes our legwear. Perfect for this time of year, nude stockings and tights are ideal for shorter skirts or under shorts and the high shine variety are elegant, sexy and flattering for evening wear. The downside of nudes or pastels is that nothing is less flattering than dirty rain splashes up the back of your legs, which is inevitable with our current weather.

Bear in mind that the denier relates to the density of the nylon fibres, and hosiery which has a lower denier making your tights or stockings more sheer is cooler and more comfortable to wear when the weather is warm. Light and silky, 7-10 deniers are available in a range of closely matched nude shades that will make your legs look naturally smooth and are so sheer you’ll probably forget that you’re wear any legwear at all.

What is trending this summer in legwear?

With the range of Summer hosiery available today in a wealth of styles to suit anyone and everyone, you can take your pick from thigh-highs, no-show socks, tights, knee highs, toe-less stockings, hold-ups or lightweight leggings. Sheer hosiery can be worn in ways which say sophisticated, sexy and classy and are the perfect way to vamp up your legs while making your total overall look more ‘complete’. There are some fantastic ‘statement’ tights on the market which can be worn with a plain lightweight suit or dress to give a sassy look such as Leg Avenue’s Sheer Nude Tattoo Tights or the bright and colourful Comic Print tights from Pamela Mann.

Add Some Excitement with Practicality

For a sexy, svelte leg shape you can create a fantastic silhouette with slimming hosiery – and with control and support tights you get leg support with a control boxer brief which can slenderize the stomach area too. For anyone who is is going to be on their feet all day such as shop workers, tights with graduated compression look just like regular sheers and opaques but provide legs with a flattering shape plus all the support they need.

Wear Slinkier Outfits with Confidence

Not only do the latest body-shaping stockings and tights from brands such as Hanes’ Smooth Illusions give your legs and thighs a slimmer look, they allow you to wear slinkier items and skirts with confidence. Designers such as Calvin Klein, Falke, Mary Quant, Elbeo, Spanx, Pretty Polly and others have made tights an essential fashion accessory bringing trendy colours, patterns and styles into hosiery, and are a simple way to spice up any outfit. Footless hosiery is great for Summer legs and open toe sandals, and the soft, stretchy Lycra makes them perfect for everyday wear.

Conceal those Blemishes

If the cold weather has taken the life and moisture from your skin, the key to transforming dull skin is to exfoliate to reveal the fresher, more radiant skin below. You get attractive, smooth looking Summer legs from giving them a 5-star treatment. Dry skin brushing, exfoliating with a scrub, soaking the legs in a toning bath of essential oils and keeping legs smooth and hair-free are all ways to keep the skin on the legs moisturized and glowing. Once you’ve done all the hard work and skin-prepping if you still feel your bare legs still have flaws such as varicose veins, you may feel inclined to cover them up with trousers but a great alternative is a pair of sheer patterned tights which will detract the eye from any imperfections. Hosiery designed specifically for the summer is the next best thing to a complete cover-up; in fact the shimmery, sun-kissed look they can give your legs might well be good enough reason to wear them even when you have perfect looking legs.

Convenience All-Round

Tights and stockings are key pieces in your wardrobe; being both stylish and practical they contribute to making a good first impression whether you are attending a meeting, going for an interview or even on a first date. Heading out for work, dinner and drinks or taking time out for leisure? Fun, casual, semi-smart, luxurious, sophisticated or sultry and sexy, hosiery in its many forms allows you to move between different dress codes and is an essential on your must-buy Summer wardrobe list. The greatest part is the convenience too; all your hosiery can be bought discreetly and easily from the convenience of your desktop.


How to Preserve your Stockings – 40’s Style

From the British Pathe archives this is an interesting, if long-winded, way of preserving your stockings (and would work just as well with tights if you care to try it).  According to the film clip if these instructions are followed, they will be even better than new when you next go to wear them.  In 1940’s war time when stockings were in short supply looking after your nylons was essential, but today I guess we just throw them away and buy a new pair, however we love this clip and the commentary is amusing too!


Spice Up Your Life with Figure Hugging Retro Shapewear

Retro Shapewear

Exquisite lingerie is all about pure self-indulgence. Many people regard underwear as a means to an end; uncomfortable but necessary items for support. They don’t realize that attractive lingerie is the key to looking and feeling confident, and the magic of feeling good is that you believe you can take on anything.

Retro lingerie is made from antique-style fabrics and patterns which are inspired by a romantic bygone era. The vintage look has been specifically revamped for women who love to feel groomed and pampered all over and who believe that retro styles contribute to completing the sophisticated look of women from years gone by. Who wouldn’t want delicate lace or sensual silk vintage inspired lingerie making an appearance beneath a trendy modern jacket or figure hugging dress? Mixing the old with the new brings a sophisticated edge and sexy allure to a look.

A Professional but Sexy Nipped and Tucked Look
For anyone who is thinking they need to be in better shape to wear sexy underwear, there is an abundance of slimming lingerie and gorgeous shapewear in glamorous copies of vintage styles that work to make you look instantly sleeker and trimmer. If you have to give a presentation at work, wearing lovely firming undergarments is one way to ensure your professional demeanour is not undermined as you will feel far more confident standing up in front of an audience. Today retro lingerie styles are big news and there are plenty of designs which are wonderfully flattering and show off your assets or hide your ‘liabilities’ appropriately.

Isn’t Shapewear Purely for Overweight Women?
Definately not! Any woman of any size can benefit from wearing shapewear in any of its forms. Even if you are a slim size 8 you may not be perfectly toned, or you may not possess that sought after hour glass figure – figure hugging lingerie can change all that in a second!

Add Smoking Hot Items to Your Wardrobe
Smoking hot suspender belts dating back to burlesque days and made popular by pin-ups such as Bettie Page, are designed to hold up stockings which way back then weren’t made with modern comfort fabrics like Lycra. Early girdles were a tight garment designed to flatten the tummy and later versions served a dual purpose, they slimmed you down and held up your stockings. Made popular again by singer-songwriter Madonna in the 80’s, and making a dramatic comeback in recent years, there is a wide selection of vintage copies in different styles, sizzling colours and designs.

Known also as a garter belt in the States, these sexy undergarments with metal clips to hold up stockings were worn in the 40’s and 50’s and were both sensual and practical – when one stocking laddered you simply replaced the one. With modern tights; if you ladder the one, the entire pair has to be thrown out.

Add a Touch of Interest and Intrigue
Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to ‘go retro’ – a stretch satin suspender belt or power mesh girdle will certain give your wedding dress a touch of vintage style and sensual glamour as well as pulling you in a dress size or two!

Retro shapewear, girdles and Suspender Belts are no longer practical and uncomfortable undergarments, today they are made with soft fabrics that are both comfortable and supportive as well as being sexy. Panty girdles can be worn under dresses, trousers and skirts and the long-line full bodyshaper type also gives the thighs a toned look. For added convenience, many are also available with detachable suspender clips.

Add a Little Sparkle

Want to show off your playful side while wearing beautiful underwear? Retro style lingerie allows you to go bold and to pretty up with flirty shape-wear that is guaranteed to turn heads because you look good and display a look of complete confidence which comes from the secret below your outer clothing items. This type of lingerie comes from a smouldering romantic era, and whether bras, g-strings, camisoles or garters, they are designed to help you recapture that romance and look and feel good every day of the week.

See our range of Shapewear, Girdles and Suspender Belts

How to Put on Stockings & A Suspender Belt

Stockings & Suspenders

How to Wear stockings and a suspender belt

It never really occured to me that there are some women who may not know how to wear stockings and a suspender belt until today, when a customer had the impression that special stockings were made with ‘holes’ in the top to clip suspenders through. Although I’ve been asked general questions about wearing them – ie. knickers over or under, whether to clip the stockings on the supender belt before pulling it all on or after, or even how to have a wee whilst wearing them, I didn’t actually think about how the logistics of how they work may not be self explanatory to all so we have put together a short guide and video link which will hopefully help all those ladies in trouble.

How to attach suspender belt clips

How To Attach your Stockings

To start, put the suspender belt around your waist and choose the correct setting so it is not digging in. A good make will always have a choice of 3 or 4 hook & eye settings. Roll one stocking up your leg (easiest when you are seated), ensuring any seams are straight by standing backwards in front of a mirror and bending over. Clip the front clasp onto the stocking by opening the clasp and placing the rubber knob behind the stocking and the metal clasp over the top. Slot the rubber knob into the clasp (along with the stocking) and pull down to the bottom of the clasp. Follow this with the back one, then the sides (assuming you have a 6 strap or more belt). Adjust the length of the straps so your stockings are not too ‘baggy’.

*Tip – try to get a belt with metal clips rather than plastic.

French knickers are ideal to wear with suspender beltsGoing to the toilet whilst wearing stockings & suspenders can be slightly
annoying as usually knickers are worn under the belt meaning that all
straps have to be unclipped each time. French knickers are a fantastic
alternative to briefs or thongs as they are worn over the belt so avoid
any unnecessary fuss every time you use the loo.

It is often much easier to watch than to follow in writing so we have found a ‘How to..’ link to a video showing exactly how to wear a suspender belt.

Fun, Flirty Tights for Spring

Functional and Flirty, Fashion Tights To Enhance any Outfit

Fun and flirty tights for spring.

We all know what it’s like waking up on a Monday morning and agonizing over what we are going to wear. As hosiery, fashion tights are a popular and convenient way to jazz up any outfit and are an important fashion accessory in your wardrobe. While the neutral beige, nudes and browns work well to improve the skin tone and do a great job at hiding varicose veins or other blemishes, if you are feeling more adventurous, stripes, checks and fabrics of the baroque trend and other bold patterns can certainly make an enterprising statement. Getting your tights right is a key element to putting together a new look every day of your life.

Give Your Legs a Toned Look

Women wear tights for many different reasons – thicker fabrics help to keep the legs warm and can truly make an otherwise ‘dull’ outfit, whilst the ultra sheer tights, which can be as thin as a 3 denier, means that fashion tights are not just a Winter item but they can be worn in Summer too. You can never have too many tights and you’ll find everything from plain, sheer and sexy to luxurious fabrics with exotic patterns that can change anything you can pull out your wardrobe in an instant. From the basic cheap and cheerful to the luxuriously embellished ranges from designers such as Bebaroque where you can pay upwards of £95 a pair, there is definitely something for everyone on the market today. Well toned legs will enhance the look of any legwear so see our tips on getting your legs in shape.

Supportive Fashion Hosiery

Fashion tights, apart from looking great, allow you to wear slinky dresses as they play a role in providing the stomach and thighs with support, applying a bit of pressure to the tummy, thighs and even in the lower leg area. Fashion hosiery is also affordable, and if you can’t afford to buy a complete new ensemble, you can always wear tights in graphic retro patterns, polka dots or animal prints and give yourself the feel-good factor without having to breakthe bank.

A  Hot Trend with Celebrities

Original and innovative, fashion tights are all the rage, and it is no doubt the influence of celebs such as Kate Moss, Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, Katy Perry and Jessica Alba among others that have contributed to them being such a hot trend. We have been wearing tights for many seasons now, but never before have we had such a flirty embellished range to choose from, and they can be paired with lightweight mini skirts or thick woollen dresses for a streamlined effect. You even get the sheer toed variety which make it possible to wear the latest fashion tights with open toe sandals.

A Hot Key Item

Trendy tights are certainly one of this season’s hottest key items and their beauty lies in the fact that they work as well for a day at the office as for a special night out. Designers such as Pamela Mann, Leg Avenue and Henry Holland amongst others have come out with fabulous but affordable designs to ensure that they can be co-ordinated with many different outfits. Play it cool this season by matching alluring legwear with your favourite outfit. By providing subtle coverage, comfort and warmth, style and chic, fashion tights are perfect for wearing every day of the year and are an essential item for your wardrobe. You will certainly be able to put your best leg forward with fashionable hosiery, whether the weather warms up or stays cool.