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Wrap up For Winter 2013

Winter Tights for 2013

Since returning to the UK, I dread winter. I hate the cold, grey skies depress me and constant central heating makes me feel stuffy and lethargic. A friend once said to me, ‘but don’t you miss the changing seasons’? The seasons do change in Spain, and once you have acclimatised, the winter evenings can be really cold – but during the day the sun is out and the sky is blue, fantastic. Love it. Still, I guess we have to make the most of what we have and ‘wrapping up’ is a normal part of living through the British winter.

Tights have always played an important part in keeping warm and looking great through the cold season, especially for the office where it may not considered acceptable to wear leggings. Winter tights these days can be just as thick and warm as leggings and offer as much protection from the elements as their footless cousins. If you walk through London in rush hour during Autumn/Winter, you are likely to see hundreds of identical legs in plain black opaques, however with the vast range of opaques in various deniers, patterns and styles available for Winter 2013, it doesn’t need to be that way. Thick coloured tights, when matched with plain clothing can be just as suitable for the office as black, but if you choose to remain with dark or neutral colours, you can liven up your legwear by buying a pair with delicate prints or embroidery.

For those lucky women who don’t have to go to work, stay at home mums, or homeworkers, they can take advantage of the full range of winter fashion tights available.  Bright colours, metallics, retro styles, tights with a distinct design or bold
pattern are all available to combine with many outfits and other accessories to give you a perfect look for the Autumn / Winter season. Thick patterned tights are a great way to enable you to keep wearing your favourite short skirts despite
the cold, as well as being a fun way to liven up or revitalise any outfit.

Tights are a fantastic winter fashion accessory – practical, warm, fashionable, functional and sexy to boot. Team some of the Autumn/Winter collections of thick opaques with fur accessories and you will be bang on trend and adopting the
only stylish way to cope with the cold weather.  Take a look at our thick opaques and fur accessories, team them together and have a wonderful and warm 4th Quarter!


Faux fur accessories for winter

The Insider’s Guide to Bodystockings

Fishnet Bodystocking
Lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes, from dental floss thongs to scaffolding style corsets.
Lingerie can be daring and sexy or functional and demure, but if you are looking to create an impact in the bedroom, nothing beats a bodystocking for maximum thrill factor.

Head to Toe Sex Appeal

Bodystockings are an all-in-one lingerie garment. Designed as a sexy head to toe catsuit, body stockings are not for the faint hearted. They leave virtually nothing to the imagination and are definitely not the kind of lingerie you should consider slipping into if you are having a ‘fat day’.

Sheer Delight

If you are looking to take your man to heaven and back, you can’t go too far wrong with a body stocking. There are lots of different types and styles from patterned fishnet bodystockings, floral lace all-in-one’s, crotchless and stripy body stockings all look extremely sexy when paired with a pair of spiky stiletto shoes and a sultry smile. Just turn the lights down low, pour a glass of nice wine, and look forward to an evening of pleasure.

You could also choose to wear a sexy bodysuit out in public, although due to the sheer nature of the material, it is advisable to wear undergarments or you may end up causing a bit of a stir.

How to Avoid Ruining Your New Body Stocking

Putting a body stocking on requires a certain level of care or you will end up tearing the delicate fabric and ruining your evening at the same time. For best results, exfoliate and moisturise the skin first as this will help the garment slip comfortably over the body. Slide the sheer fabric carefully up the legs and use your fingers to gently ease it up over the rest of the body. Take care not to snag the fabric with your finger nails.

Try not to worry too much though if your man loses control and tears the garment roughly from your body – sexy body stockings are relatively inexpensive and can easily be replaced!

What about patterned tights?

spot-patterned-tightsWhat age do you think is considered as ‘too old’ to wear patterned tights?

Our Opinion:

Age doesn’t matter as long as you are aware of your leg shape and choose wisely.

Large bold patterns don’t sit so well on larger legs and bold animal prints may not look so good on a lady in her 80’s (although some may be able to carry it off!). These days anything goes and patterned tights can be worn by all.

Read the article ‘Fashion QA‘ and let us know what you think.