Tights v Stockings – Which Would you Choose?

Tights Versus Stockings

These days practicality hasn’t been sacrificed for glamour, and today’s tights don’t only reflect the very latest trends, with them you can express your personality while also hiding any minor skin imperfections (such as varicose veins, blemishes ect) and protecting your legs from the elements. With either tights or stockings you can update your leg looks, enjoy wearing the hottest trends, and look as demure or as downright outrageous as you want.

Chic Detailing

Using fabrics and designs to suit any lifestyle or choice of fashion, tights are a versatile accessory in your wardrobe, and whether you opt for sheer tights in solid colours, fishnet, florals or checks, this adaptable hosiery is a perfect choice for any occasion or situation. Made from nylon, lycra or cotton they are worn tight-fitting from the feet to the waist primarily by girls and women, but with an increasing market for males of all ages who are now wearing them too under suits and sportwear or just because they like it!

Natural tights are soft and with a matt appearance, the natural look makes them great to wear every day. Available in a number of shades, not only do legs look perfectly toned, but there is also a special range of tights known for their slimming-control features, figure-support, and invisibility under your clothes giving you a smooth and firm look. But if tights are so flattering and multi-faceted, who needs stockings?

Nylon Stockings came about in 1939 and silk stockings first made their debut in 1940. Stockings unlike tights, cover the foot and only the half of the top part of the leg. They are similar to tights in that they make the legs look streamlined, smooth and free of blemishes and this means you can wear a short dress or skirt with more confidence. Many women prefer to wear tights for everyday use but they keep stockings for special moments when they want to feel sexy in their underwear, others prefer the irresistible feeling of a natural air flow and freedom they get from a pair stockings.

Stockings can be worn with suspender belts in sizzling colours and fabrics in either modern or glamorous retro styles, which for some contributes to a feeling of sensual sexiness – or as holdups, where a silicon band keeps them in place. If you are battling with ailments like thrombosis or edema, compression stockings are specialized elastic hosiery which exerts pressure against the legs, increasing blood flow and these too are becoming available in colours other than ‘tan’.

Tights which Voice Your Style

These days with health and comfort on everyone’s minds, there seems to be a divide in opinions as whether stockings or tights are the better option. Many women will tell you that stockings are only good as a fan belt when your car breaks down or that stockings and suspenders have passed their sell-by date, others will say there has been a massive comeback and that they are now the most popular legwear. In the bedroom, whether its the man or the woman wearing them, sizzling hot stockings definitely win hands down. On the other side of the coin, there is definitely a wider choice of stylish fabrics and trendy patterns available in tights.

Tights v Stockings – which should you choose?

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One thought on “Tights v Stockings – Which Would you Choose?

  1. Give me glossy tights or glossy pantyhose in any color or style. Now the glossy look so hot looking on anyone’s legs. I have many and love the look of my legs.

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