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11 Things You Might Not Know About Nylon

nylons by dupont

Nylon was the first fiber to be totally manmade and its invention changed the world. 4 million pairs of nylon stockings were sold in just two days after they went on sale in 1940. Chemist Wallace H. Carothers who created nylon never did get to see his success as after suffering years of depression, he committed suicide in 1936.

  1.  DuPont sold four million pairs of nylon stockings in two days after they went on general sale to the public on May 15, 1940, at $1.15 each and in 1941 sales totaled $25 million.

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How to Preserve your Stockings – 40’s Style

From the British Pathe archives this is an interesting, if long-winded, way of preserving your stockings (and would work just as well with tights if you care to try it).  According to the film clip if these instructions are followed, they will be even better than new when you next go to wear them.  In 1940’s war time when stockings were in short supply looking after your nylons was essential, but today I guess we just throw them away and buy a new pair, however we love this clip and the commentary is amusing too!


How to Put on Stockings & A Suspender Belt

Stockings & Suspenders

How to Wear stockings and a suspender belt

It never really occured to me that there are some women who may not know how to wear stockings and a suspender belt until today, when a customer had the impression that special stockings were made with ‘holes’ in the top to clip suspenders through. Although I’ve been asked general questions about wearing them – ie. knickers over or under, whether to clip the stockings on the supender belt before pulling it all on or after, or even how to have a wee whilst wearing them, I didn’t actually think about how the logistics of how they work may not be self explanatory to all so we have put together a short guide and video link which will hopefully help all those ladies in trouble.

How to attach suspender belt clips

How To Attach your Stockings

To start, put the suspender belt around your waist and choose the correct setting so it is not digging in. A good make will always have a choice of 3 or 4 hook & eye settings. Roll one stocking up your leg (easiest when you are seated), ensuring any seams are straight by standing backwards in front of a mirror and bending over. Clip the front clasp onto the stocking by opening the clasp and placing the rubber knob behind the stocking and the metal clasp over the top. Slot the rubber knob into the clasp (along with the stocking) and pull down to the bottom of the clasp. Follow this with the back one, then the sides (assuming you have a 6 strap or more belt). Adjust the length of the straps so your stockings are not too ‘baggy’.

*Tip – try to get a belt with metal clips rather than plastic.

French knickers are ideal to wear with suspender beltsGoing to the toilet whilst wearing stockings & suspenders can be slightly
annoying as usually knickers are worn under the belt meaning that all
straps have to be unclipped each time. French knickers are a fantastic
alternative to briefs or thongs as they are worn over the belt so avoid
any unnecessary fuss every time you use the loo.

It is often much easier to watch than to follow in writing so we have found a ‘How to..’ link to a video showing exactly how to wear a suspender belt.

10 Things about Stockings Your Teachers Wouldn’t Tell You!

15 denier sheer stockings with lace top

Black & Red Lace Top Stockings by Gabriella

Fashion stockings are a fabulous accessory, but if you are not yet convinced  of their many uses, check out the following list:

1. Stockings are sexy – men love stockings, especially when they are worn with a suspender belt and saucy lingerie.

2. Men wear stockings too – sounds crazy, but a lot of men have a stocking fetish, which is why it is pretty easy now to find stockings in extra-large sizes.

3. Sales of men’s’ stockings have risen in the last twenty years – men often wear women’s stockings for stag parties and raucous nights out. Most of them don’t even bother shaving their legs first.

4. If you want to frighten men away buy some ‘hairy leg stockings’ – they look as hideous as they sound.

5. Fishermen sometimes wear stockings to protect against jellyfish stings – thin nylon acts as an extra protective layer to shield the skin from the pain of a jellyfish sting.

6. If you snag your stockings, you can repair the hole using clear nail polish – a cheap and easy trick when you don’t have a spare pair to hand.

7. Use a spare stocking to fix a broken fan belt in a car engine – nylon is incredibly strong and a stocking quick fix will be enough to let you reach the nearest garage.

8. If you choose stockings over tights, don’t wear a short skirt – every time you bend over your stocking tops will be on display, along with everything else.

9. Don’t apply too much moisturiser if you wear hold-up stockings – the silicon strips at the top won’t hold in place and you will spend the entire evening pulling them back up.

10. If you can’t afford to buy stockings or prefer a real retro look, use a biro to draw a line up the back for ‘faux seams’ or be truly adventurous and draw black criss-cross lines over your legs to mimic fishnet stockings – not
ideal, but better than nothing!

Stocking Styles for Plus Size Ladies

I can write easily about plus size legs as I have spent my life being teased by my friends for
having ‘wrestlers legs’, even when I was just a size 10 (some years ago now:(
I would love to wear so many of the great fashion stockings and tights out there but am restricted to certain styles and patterns as some leave my legs looking like overstuffed sausages. If you are unfortunate enough to have an abundance of fatty tissue from the hips down, there is absolutely no reason why women of any size can’t wear stockings with confidence, just take a few minutes to
think carefully about the styles you choose.

My advice would be not to wear anything too sheer, or with an all-over pattern that will stretch,
‘fuzz’ around the edges and generally not do your legs any favours at all. Choose darker colours with a simple pattern up the side of the leg or a seam up the back which will slim it down. Your choice of shoes will also make a difference, avoid flats or anything with an ankle strap, and match your shoe colour to the colour of your stockings.

It is not necessary to have perfect thighs to wear stockings, but it is usually better to go for
a suspender belt rather than hold-ups (which can be okay if the top is fairly deep), as you will get a smoother line, the grip of stay ups could cause an ‘overhang’, but having said that, buying the right size rather than squeezing into a ‘one size fits all’ can eliminate the problem – or even just a few simple exercises a day to tone your thighs can make all the difference. Women still look sexy in a great
pair of stockings – plus size or not!

Here are my 6 top favourite stocking styles for ladies with larger legs:

A small pattern running vertically down the calf will slim down calf area

A small pattern running vertically down the calf will slim down calf area


Opaque holdups with a wide lace band

opaque-stockings-b patterned-seamed-stockings- stockings-with-suspenders-b wide-backseam-stockings-b

What Jezebel Should Write About Wearing Stockings

fashion-stockings-hanaJezebel is associated with women who where sexually immoral and promiscuous, similar to those first women who appeared in public wearing stockings and suspenders – ie. Prostitutes, show girls, pin up girls or women who appear in adult magazines. We think she would have a lot to say about today’s fashion stockings which are sexy, sensual and diverse in colour and style. Coupled up with suspender belts and lacy lingerie, they are a match made in heaven. Wearing stockings has become very common today as they accentuate the shape of the legs and make a woman feel desirable and sexy. Some even women believe that unless you are wearing them, you are walking around in the nude. To them, leaving the house not wearing a pair is almost immoral.

Worn on all types of occasions these days; business ladies will dress up in power suits and cover their legs up with a pair of sheers, fishnet or lacy stockings are a popular recipe for the seductresses, brides wear white
or ivory stockings with their wedding gowns on their big day, and nightclub goers also wear them with their little mini dresses when they go out to have fun.  Stockings are worn literally everywhere, by women of all age groups and are made of a variety of materials in an array of different designs.The question of who wears them has many answers because they are not limited to any particular group. Reasons for wearing them may differ though – young girls often prefer tights, but teenagers and young adults are known to wear stockings with a twist – either they like them randomly cut up so that they expose parts of their leg, or they decide on a pair of fishnets.

Working ladies also wear them as they are a great accessory to a smart suit. The style worn to work are however generally not the ones with many patterns and large pores but tend to be of the sheer or opaque variety and with little or no design, although maybe female employees wearing skirts with stockings and suspenders distract the male employees as apparently some company bosses have recently been known to insist that their female employees do not wear them to the office to keep everyone’s attention focussed on their work. You will also find that ladies of ‘advanced age’ tend to wear stockings as opposed to tights – their reasons could be because it is out of habit as they would have worn them in their youth and would feel incomplete and undressed without them or possibly just a comfort thing.

Legwear has surely come a long way from the Victorian era. Today, women have access to fashion stockings of many designs of different texture and fabric. They also come in different colours and styles. Legwear can be classified according to their design or by the material from which they are made of. Some common fabric that is used includes lace, nylon, net/fishnet, cotton and Lycra. Fully Fashioned Nylon stockings have recently made a comeback and come in a variety of colours from black to nude or with contrasting coloured seams or cuban heels. The thickness is also different, some are very sheer while others are totally opaque.

Thigh highs are commonly worn with a suspender belt to keep them in position, whilst Holdups or Stayups have silicon bands which keep them in place. These particular types of stockings are known for their sexiness and are frequently worn by ladies with a motive – they leave very little to the imagination!The number one reason why many women favour them has to be because they are a symbol of sensuality and femininity. They add a touch of feminism to an outfit and make the wearer stand out. The preferred kinds in winter are the opaque ones as they are better heat insulators but during warmer months, sheers are worn and are often preferred over tights as they offer more ventilation.

Whichever colour, fabric or thickness types that one chooses, stockings say something about the wearer’s fashion preferences and tastes. They serve as an individual fashion item as well as just an accessory. They can also be worn to cover up the legs if one feels that the skirt or dress they are wearing reveals too many ‘imperfections’. Stockings offer great sex appeal as much of the leg is exposed and visible whilst the upper thigh and crotch area is ‘free’ giving the impression the wearer is ‘accessible’.

Whatever the reasons may be for wearing this gorgeous piece of clothing, stockings have their magic – to both the wearer and those that notice them. Jezebel surely would have been proud to live in modern times and rather than being condemned as a fallen woman, would have been considered a stylish fashionista.