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Control Hosiery

Control Hosiery

charnos-control-tightsSupport hosiery, control tights and stockings or shapewear is worn for a number of different reasons. They are useful in several different ways including the treatment and/or prevention of a number of health conditions
such as varicous veins, ulcers or bad circulation.

Life can be made a lot more comfortable for any women who have to stand for long periods of time such as shop assistants, nurses or restaurant workers when wearing legwear that offers a bit of support.

Control lingerie is fanastic for confidence building, smoothing out lumps and
bumps under tight clothing and adding a bit of support where necessary, depending on the style you choose.

Although not exactly known for it’s sexiness, today’s support hosiery and shapewear is comfortable to wear, looks great AND offers health benefits  -take this panty girdle with suspenders, it looks sexy as well as helping to smooth out hips, tummy and bums. Read our Article – When to wear Support Tights >>