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10 Things about Stockings Your Teachers Wouldn’t Tell You!

15 denier sheer stockings with lace top

Black & Red Lace Top Stockings by Gabriella

Fashion stockings are a fabulous accessory, but if you are not yet convinced  of their many uses, check out the following list:

1. Stockings are sexy – men love stockings, especially when they are worn with a suspender belt and saucy lingerie.

2. Men wear stockings too – sounds crazy, but a lot of men have a stocking fetish, which is why it is pretty easy now to find stockings in extra-large sizes.

3. Sales of men’s’ stockings have risen in the last twenty years – men often wear women’s stockings for stag parties and raucous nights out. Most of them don’t even bother shaving their legs first.

4. If you want to frighten men away buy some ‘hairy leg stockings’ – they look as hideous as they sound.

5. Fishermen sometimes wear stockings to protect against jellyfish stings – thin nylon acts as an extra protective layer to shield the skin from the pain of a jellyfish sting.

6. If you snag your stockings, you can repair the hole using clear nail polish – a cheap and easy trick when you don’t have a spare pair to hand.

7. Use a spare stocking to fix a broken fan belt in a car engine – nylon is incredibly strong and a stocking quick fix will be enough to let you reach the nearest garage.

8. If you choose stockings over tights, don’t wear a short skirt – every time you bend over your stocking tops will be on display, along with everything else.

9. Don’t apply too much moisturiser if you wear hold-up stockings – the silicon strips at the top won’t hold in place and you will spend the entire evening pulling them back up.

10. If you can’t afford to buy stockings or prefer a real retro look, use a biro to draw a line up the back for ‘faux seams’ or be truly adventurous and draw black criss-cross lines over your legs to mimic fishnet stockings – not
ideal, but better than nothing!