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Spice Up Your Life with Figure Hugging Retro Shapewear

Retro Shapewear

Exquisite lingerie is all about pure self-indulgence. Many people regard underwear as a means to an end; uncomfortable but necessary items for support. They don’t realize that attractive lingerie is the key to looking and feeling confident, and the magic of feeling good is that you believe you can take on anything.

Retro lingerie is made from antique-style fabrics and patterns which are inspired by a romantic bygone era. The vintage look has been specifically revamped for women who love to feel groomed and pampered all over and who believe that retro styles contribute to completing the sophisticated look of women from years gone by. Who wouldn’t want delicate lace or sensual silk vintage inspired lingerie making an appearance beneath a trendy modern jacket or figure hugging dress? Mixing the old with the new brings a sophisticated edge and sexy allure to a look.

A Professional but Sexy Nipped and Tucked Look
For anyone who is thinking they need to be in better shape to wear sexy underwear, there is an abundance of slimming lingerie and gorgeous shapewear in glamorous copies of vintage styles that work to make you look instantly sleeker and trimmer. If you have to give a presentation at work, wearing lovely firming undergarments is one way to ensure your professional demeanour is not undermined as you will feel far more confident standing up in front of an audience. Today retro lingerie styles are big news and there are plenty of designs which are wonderfully flattering and show off your assets or hide your ‘liabilities’ appropriately.

Isn’t Shapewear Purely for Overweight Women?
Definately not! Any woman of any size can benefit from wearing shapewear in any of its forms. Even if you are a slim size 8 you may not be perfectly toned, or you may not possess that sought after hour glass figure – figure hugging lingerie can change all that in a second!

Add Smoking Hot Items to Your Wardrobe
Smoking hot suspender belts dating back to burlesque days and made popular by pin-ups such as Bettie Page, are designed to hold up stockings which way back then weren’t made with modern comfort fabrics like Lycra. Early girdles were a tight garment designed to flatten the tummy and later versions served a dual purpose, they slimmed you down and held up your stockings. Made popular again by singer-songwriter Madonna in the 80’s, and making a dramatic comeback in recent years, there is a wide selection of vintage copies in different styles, sizzling colours and designs.

Known also as a garter belt in the States, these sexy undergarments with metal clips to hold up stockings were worn in the 40’s and 50’s and were both sensual and practical – when one stocking laddered you simply replaced the one. With modern tights; if you ladder the one, the entire pair has to be thrown out.

Add a Touch of Interest and Intrigue
Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to ‘go retro’ – a stretch satin suspender belt or power mesh girdle will certain give your wedding dress a touch of vintage style and sensual glamour as well as pulling you in a dress size or two!

Retro shapewear, girdles and Suspender Belts are no longer practical and uncomfortable undergarments, today they are made with soft fabrics that are both comfortable and supportive as well as being sexy. Panty girdles can be worn under dresses, trousers and skirts and the long-line full bodyshaper type also gives the thighs a toned look. For added convenience, many are also available with detachable suspender clips.

Add a Little Sparkle

Want to show off your playful side while wearing beautiful underwear? Retro style lingerie allows you to go bold and to pretty up with flirty shape-wear that is guaranteed to turn heads because you look good and display a look of complete confidence which comes from the secret below your outer clothing items. This type of lingerie comes from a smouldering romantic era, and whether bras, g-strings, camisoles or garters, they are designed to help you recapture that romance and look and feel good every day of the week.

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How to Put on Stockings & A Suspender Belt

Stockings & Suspenders

How to Wear stockings and a suspender belt

It never really occured to me that there are some women who may not know how to wear stockings and a suspender belt until today, when a customer had the impression that special stockings were made with ‘holes’ in the top to clip suspenders through. Although I’ve been asked general questions about wearing them – ie. knickers over or under, whether to clip the stockings on the supender belt before pulling it all on or after, or even how to have a wee whilst wearing them, I didn’t actually think about how the logistics of how they work may not be self explanatory to all so we have put together a short guide and video link which will hopefully help all those ladies in trouble.

How to attach suspender belt clips

How To Attach your Stockings

To start, put the suspender belt around your waist and choose the correct setting so it is not digging in. A good make will always have a choice of 3 or 4 hook & eye settings. Roll one stocking up your leg (easiest when you are seated), ensuring any seams are straight by standing backwards in front of a mirror and bending over. Clip the front clasp onto the stocking by opening the clasp and placing the rubber knob behind the stocking and the metal clasp over the top. Slot the rubber knob into the clasp (along with the stocking) and pull down to the bottom of the clasp. Follow this with the back one, then the sides (assuming you have a 6 strap or more belt). Adjust the length of the straps so your stockings are not too ‘baggy’.

*Tip – try to get a belt with metal clips rather than plastic.

French knickers are ideal to wear with suspender beltsGoing to the toilet whilst wearing stockings & suspenders can be slightly
annoying as usually knickers are worn under the belt meaning that all
straps have to be unclipped each time. French knickers are a fantastic
alternative to briefs or thongs as they are worn over the belt so avoid
any unnecessary fuss every time you use the loo.

It is often much easier to watch than to follow in writing so we have found a ‘How to..’ link to a video showing exactly how to wear a suspender belt.

What Jezebel Should Write About Wearing Stockings

fashion-stockings-hanaJezebel is associated with women who where sexually immoral and promiscuous, similar to those first women who appeared in public wearing stockings and suspenders – ie. Prostitutes, show girls, pin up girls or women who appear in adult magazines. We think she would have a lot to say about today’s fashion stockings which are sexy, sensual and diverse in colour and style. Coupled up with suspender belts and lacy lingerie, they are a match made in heaven. Wearing stockings has become very common today as they accentuate the shape of the legs and make a woman feel desirable and sexy. Some even women believe that unless you are wearing them, you are walking around in the nude. To them, leaving the house not wearing a pair is almost immoral.

Worn on all types of occasions these days; business ladies will dress up in power suits and cover their legs up with a pair of sheers, fishnet or lacy stockings are a popular recipe for the seductresses, brides wear white
or ivory stockings with their wedding gowns on their big day, and nightclub goers also wear them with their little mini dresses when they go out to have fun.  Stockings are worn literally everywhere, by women of all age groups and are made of a variety of materials in an array of different designs.The question of who wears them has many answers because they are not limited to any particular group. Reasons for wearing them may differ though – young girls often prefer tights, but teenagers and young adults are known to wear stockings with a twist – either they like them randomly cut up so that they expose parts of their leg, or they decide on a pair of fishnets.

Working ladies also wear them as they are a great accessory to a smart suit. The style worn to work are however generally not the ones with many patterns and large pores but tend to be of the sheer or opaque variety and with little or no design, although maybe female employees wearing skirts with stockings and suspenders distract the male employees as apparently some company bosses have recently been known to insist that their female employees do not wear them to the office to keep everyone’s attention focussed on their work. You will also find that ladies of ‘advanced age’ tend to wear stockings as opposed to tights – their reasons could be because it is out of habit as they would have worn them in their youth and would feel incomplete and undressed without them or possibly just a comfort thing.

Legwear has surely come a long way from the Victorian era. Today, women have access to fashion stockings of many designs of different texture and fabric. They also come in different colours and styles. Legwear can be classified according to their design or by the material from which they are made of. Some common fabric that is used includes lace, nylon, net/fishnet, cotton and Lycra. Fully Fashioned Nylon stockings have recently made a comeback and come in a variety of colours from black to nude or with contrasting coloured seams or cuban heels. The thickness is also different, some are very sheer while others are totally opaque.

Thigh highs are commonly worn with a suspender belt to keep them in position, whilst Holdups or Stayups have silicon bands which keep them in place. These particular types of stockings are known for their sexiness and are frequently worn by ladies with a motive – they leave very little to the imagination!The number one reason why many women favour them has to be because they are a symbol of sensuality and femininity. They add a touch of feminism to an outfit and make the wearer stand out. The preferred kinds in winter are the opaque ones as they are better heat insulators but during warmer months, sheers are worn and are often preferred over tights as they offer more ventilation.

Whichever colour, fabric or thickness types that one chooses, stockings say something about the wearer’s fashion preferences and tastes. They serve as an individual fashion item as well as just an accessory. They can also be worn to cover up the legs if one feels that the skirt or dress they are wearing reveals too many ‘imperfections’. Stockings offer great sex appeal as much of the leg is exposed and visible whilst the upper thigh and crotch area is ‘free’ giving the impression the wearer is ‘accessible’.

Whatever the reasons may be for wearing this gorgeous piece of clothing, stockings have their magic – to both the wearer and those that notice them. Jezebel surely would have been proud to live in modern times and rather than being condemned as a fallen woman, would have been considered a stylish fashionista.