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News & Articles from Fashion Hosiery Get the Most out of Your Hosiery by Having Toned Legs - Women generally look for hosiery that will flatter their legs - however, it can also work the other way round and the better your leg shape the more flattering it is to your hosiery. If you're going to buy an expensive designer pair of tights or stockings, you really want to make the most of them. Follow our basic tips for toned calves and thighs.

Shape Up for 2014 - Get in shape with Shapewear. There are some surprisingly simple techniques to shape up for 2014 and look good which don't include a gruelling regime of diet and exercise. Using 'quick fix' solutions such a control pants, full bodyshapers or girdles can instantly transform your figure and give you that hour glass shape you always wanted but couldn't achieve naturally.

Tights - A Versatile Accessory - Very few wardrobe items are a versatile as a pair of tights, whether you go for the latest bright colours and prints or prefer a more subdued look choosing nude or pastels and small patterns. Get dressed for success with runway or celebrity inspired hosiery and give yourself a chic, modern look that is bound to get the nod of approval every time.

Decorative Bra Straps - how fancy bra straps can make even a plain dress look elegant or transform that favourite old bra into a stunning accessory by using some of the latest stylish detachable bra straps.

How Not to Wear a Corset - Advice on how not to wear a corset for the first time. Start with a lightly boned corset and get used to wearing one gradually, steel bones should be saved until later.

Hosiery Fashions 2012 - What can we expect to see in Hosiery for this year - What's Hot and What's Not in 2012.

Wearing a Bodysuit or Bodystocking - Wearing a full bodystocking or bodysuit helps you feel comfortable and eliminates lines showing from a waistband or bra, can be sexy or practical, offer an extra layer of clothing in cold weather and come in many styles and colours. They can be divided into two basic types- opaque or sheer but there are many variations from which to choose - full body, sleeveless, with suspenders, open crotch, peep hole, ect.

The Benefits of Suspender Tights - With the warm weather here at last, suspender tights are a great addition to any ladies hosiery collection. Cooler to wear than tights and less restrictive than a suspender belt, these great accessories should be a staple part of any womans wardrobe.

Fishnets - The Past 5 Decades - Available from around the early 1900's, fishnets (although popular with burlesque dancers, pinups & prostitues), did not really become 'socially acceptable' until the 60's. Worn through the 70's by punks and rocker girls, then in the 80's by goths, fishnet hosiery & lingerie is now a part of mainstream fashion.

Hosiery Tips, Tricks & Advice - A bunch of useful tips, tricks and hosiery advice - how to keep seams straight, how to care for hosiery, how to wear hosiery, when to wear support tights and more... Also, Win a Pair of Knee High Socks - just LIKE us on Facebook!

Fashion Spotlight on Legs - Gone are the days when hosiery choices consisted of American Tan or Barely Black. Just like any area of fashion, hosiery has ever-changing trends and this season, legwear is full of character and packed with attitude.

Suspender Belts - Choosing the Right One - Nothing says sexy quite like a suspender belt, but you do need to choose wisely when buying one paying particular attention to getting the correct size, especially if you are wearing one for the first time.