Summer Hosiery for the Office but Sexy Enough for After Hours

Nude Stockings, Tights and Socks for Summer

What hosiery if any, should you be wearing this summer – tights, stockings, socks or go for the bare-legged look?

Despite the fact that July so far seems to be plagued by downpours, the warmer weather still requires that we ‘lighten our load’ by wearing summer clothing and this includes our legwear. Perfect for this time of year, nude stockings and tights are ideal for shorter skirts or under shorts and the high shine variety are elegant, sexy and flattering for evening wear. The downside of nudes or pastels is that nothing is less flattering than dirty rain splashes up the back of your legs, which is inevitable with our current weather.

Bear in mind that the denier relates to the density of the nylon fibres, and hosiery which has a lower denier making your tights or stockings more sheer is cooler and more comfortable to wear when the weather is warm. Light and silky, 7-10 deniers are available in a range of closely matched nude shades that will make your legs look naturally smooth and are so sheer you’ll probably forget that you’re wear any legwear at all.

What is trending this summer in legwear?

With the range of Summer hosiery available today in a wealth of styles to suit anyone and everyone, you can take your pick from thigh-highs, no-show socks, tights, knee highs, toe-less stockings, hold-ups or lightweight leggings. Sheer hosiery can be worn in ways which say sophisticated, sexy and classy and are the perfect way to vamp up your legs while making your total overall look more ‘complete’. There are some fantastic ‘statement’ tights on the market which can be worn with a plain lightweight suit or dress to give a sassy look such as Leg Avenue’s Sheer Nude Tattoo Tights or the bright and colourful Comic Print tights from Pamela Mann.

Add Some Excitement with Practicality

For a sexy, svelte leg shape you can create a fantastic silhouette with slimming hosiery – and with control and support tights you get leg support with a control boxer brief which can slenderize the stomach area too. For anyone who is is going to be on their feet all day such as shop workers, tights with graduated compression look just like regular sheers and opaques but provide legs with a flattering shape plus all the support they need.

Wear Slinkier Outfits with Confidence

Not only do the latest body-shaping stockings and tights from brands such as Hanes’ Smooth Illusions give your legs and thighs a slimmer look, they allow you to wear slinkier items and skirts with confidence. Designers such as Calvin Klein, Falke, Mary Quant, Elbeo, Spanx, Pretty Polly and others have made tights an essential fashion accessory bringing trendy colours, patterns and styles into hosiery, and are a simple way to spice up any outfit. Footless hosiery is great for Summer legs and open toe sandals, and the soft, stretchy Lycra makes them perfect for everyday wear.

Conceal those Blemishes

If the cold weather has taken the life and moisture from your skin, the key to transforming dull skin is to exfoliate to reveal the fresher, more radiant skin below. You get attractive, smooth looking Summer legs from giving them a 5-star treatment. Dry skin brushing, exfoliating with a scrub, soaking the legs in a toning bath of essential oils and keeping legs smooth and hair-free are all ways to keep the skin on the legs moisturized and glowing. Once you’ve done all the hard work and skin-prepping if you still feel your bare legs still have flaws such as varicose veins, you may feel inclined to cover them up with trousers but a great alternative is a pair of sheer patterned tights which will detract the eye from any imperfections. Hosiery designed specifically for the summer is the next best thing to a complete cover-up; in fact the shimmery, sun-kissed look they can give your legs might well be good enough reason to wear them even when you have perfect looking legs.

Convenience All-Round

Tights and stockings are key pieces in your wardrobe; being both stylish and practical they contribute to making a good first impression whether you are attending a meeting, going for an interview or even on a first date. Heading out for work, dinner and drinks or taking time out for leisure? Fun, casual, semi-smart, luxurious, sophisticated or sultry and sexy, hosiery in its many forms allows you to move between different dress codes and is an essential on your must-buy Summer wardrobe list. The greatest part is the convenience too; all your hosiery can be bought discreetly and easily from the convenience of your desktop.


Fun, Flirty Tights for Spring

Functional and Flirty, Fashion Tights To Enhance any Outfit

Fun and flirty tights for spring.

We all know what it’s like waking up on a Monday morning and agonizing over what we are going to wear. As hosiery, fashion tights are a popular and convenient way to jazz up any outfit and are an important fashion accessory in your wardrobe. While the neutral beige, nudes and browns work well to improve the skin tone and do a great job at hiding varicose veins or other blemishes, if you are feeling more adventurous, stripes, checks and fabrics of the baroque trend and other bold patterns can certainly make an enterprising statement. Getting your tights right is a key element to putting together a new look every day of your life.

Give Your Legs a Toned Look

Women wear tights for many different reasons – thicker fabrics help to keep the legs warm and can truly make an otherwise ‘dull’ outfit, whilst the ultra sheer tights, which can be as thin as a 3 denier, means that fashion tights are not just a Winter item but they can be worn in Summer too. You can never have too many tights and you’ll find everything from plain, sheer and sexy to luxurious fabrics with exotic patterns that can change anything you can pull out your wardrobe in an instant. From the basic cheap and cheerful to the luxuriously embellished ranges from designers such as Bebaroque where you can pay upwards of £95 a pair, there is definitely something for everyone on the market today. Well toned legs will enhance the look of any legwear so see our tips on getting your legs in shape.

Supportive Fashion Hosiery

Fashion tights, apart from looking great, allow you to wear slinky dresses as they play a role in providing the stomach and thighs with support, applying a bit of pressure to the tummy, thighs and even in the lower leg area. Fashion hosiery is also affordable, and if you can’t afford to buy a complete new ensemble, you can always wear tights in graphic retro patterns, polka dots or animal prints and give yourself the feel-good factor without having to breakthe bank.

A  Hot Trend with Celebrities

Original and innovative, fashion tights are all the rage, and it is no doubt the influence of celebs such as Kate Moss, Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, Katy Perry and Jessica Alba among others that have contributed to them being such a hot trend. We have been wearing tights for many seasons now, but never before have we had such a flirty embellished range to choose from, and they can be paired with lightweight mini skirts or thick woollen dresses for a streamlined effect. You even get the sheer toed variety which make it possible to wear the latest fashion tights with open toe sandals.

A Hot Key Item

Trendy tights are certainly one of this season’s hottest key items and their beauty lies in the fact that they work as well for a day at the office as for a special night out. Designers such as Pamela Mann, Leg Avenue and Henry Holland amongst others have come out with fabulous but affordable designs to ensure that they can be co-ordinated with many different outfits. Play it cool this season by matching alluring legwear with your favourite outfit. By providing subtle coverage, comfort and warmth, style and chic, fashion tights are perfect for wearing every day of the year and are an essential item for your wardrobe. You will certainly be able to put your best leg forward with fashionable hosiery, whether the weather warms up or stays cool.


Tights from Fashion Week Move Away from Bright Gaudy Colours

Some of the tights worn on the catwalk in fashion week

Fashion Tights today have the means to inject real oomph into any outfit, and with the huge array of colours, patterns and fabrics, these fashionable head-turning accessories with their assortment of details can accentuate any look you are wanting to achieve. Heaps of eyes had been waiting for Fashion Week runways during September which is always a hectic month for lovers of fashion, and the latest trends and from London to New York, Paris and Milan, leading designers have brought out their 2013-2014 collections, with tights being a hot favourite.

Tights from the collections shown at Fashion Week are somewhat more toned down; more classical with sheers featuring broadly across the different designers. Bright funky colours are not as ‘in’ this year as last year and you should be looking at darker colours like blues, maroons, browns and dark reds in muted shades. The upcoming season’s colours are certainly more dark along with nude/natural colours.

With chilly weather, you can really turn up the heat with the fabulous selection of tights (which in our opinion are an indispensable item of clothing in any wardrobe), helping legs look streamlined and sleek and providing jaunty warm comfort. A trendy selection of tights seem no longer to be seen as a necessary essential but as pieces of high-fashion hosiery.

Get the Look with More Neutral Colours
Designers have really put emphasis on fashion tights this year, with emphasis being on quality and style. To this end wool, cotton, viscose and cashmere have been used for tights, making them even more soft, comfortable and luxurious than ever. Fishnet tights are still very much in vogue, but this year the pattern is also more toned down, so that the saucy, cabaret style gives way to more classy, smaller net styles. In fact many of the tights from Fashion Week were the trendy micronet tights, which were shown adding a touch of femininity to different outfits.

Put away bright gaudy colours for the end of 2013-2014 and opt for must-haves black and white, which is a trendy way to tone down any ‘too- colourful’ outfits you may want to don next Spring or Summer season.

Wrap up For Winter 2013

Winter Tights for 2013

Since returning to the UK, I dread winter. I hate the cold, grey skies depress me and constant central heating makes me feel stuffy and lethargic. A friend once said to me, ‘but don’t you miss the changing seasons’? The seasons do change in Spain, and once you have acclimatised, the winter evenings can be really cold – but during the day the sun is out and the sky is blue, fantastic. Love it. Still, I guess we have to make the most of what we have and ‘wrapping up’ is a normal part of living through the British winter.

Tights have always played an important part in keeping warm and looking great through the cold season, especially for the office where it may not considered acceptable to wear leggings. Winter tights these days can be just as thick and warm as leggings and offer as much protection from the elements as their footless cousins. If you walk through London in rush hour during Autumn/Winter, you are likely to see hundreds of identical legs in plain black opaques, however with the vast range of opaques in various deniers, patterns and styles available for Winter 2013, it doesn’t need to be that way. Thick coloured tights, when matched with plain clothing can be just as suitable for the office as black, but if you choose to remain with dark or neutral colours, you can liven up your legwear by buying a pair with delicate prints or embroidery.

For those lucky women who don’t have to go to work, stay at home mums, or homeworkers, they can take advantage of the full range of winter fashion tights available.  Bright colours, metallics, retro styles, tights with a distinct design or bold
pattern are all available to combine with many outfits and other accessories to give you a perfect look for the Autumn / Winter season. Thick patterned tights are a great way to enable you to keep wearing your favourite short skirts despite
the cold, as well as being a fun way to liven up or revitalise any outfit.

Tights are a fantastic winter fashion accessory – practical, warm, fashionable, functional and sexy to boot. Team some of the Autumn/Winter collections of thick opaques with fur accessories and you will be bang on trend and adopting the
only stylish way to cope with the cold weather.  Take a look at our thick opaques and fur accessories, team them together and have a wonderful and warm 4th Quarter!


Faux fur accessories for winter

What about patterned tights?

spot-patterned-tightsWhat age do you think is considered as ‘too old’ to wear patterned tights?

Our Opinion:

Age doesn’t matter as long as you are aware of your leg shape and choose wisely.

Large bold patterns don’t sit so well on larger legs and bold animal prints may not look so good on a lady in her 80’s (although some may be able to carry it off!). These days anything goes and patterned tights can be worn by all.

Read the article ‘Fashion QA‘ and let us know what you think.

Our 6 Picks for Autumn

Okay so it’s still August and maybe your thoughts are still with sun, sea and sangria – but Autumn creeps around all too quickly and soon it will be time to store away the bikini’s for another year and drag out the winter woolies,
fur snoods and boots. Having lived in Spain for 8 years, and being someone who despises being cold, I just can’t re-adjust to the long periods of time us Brits go without warmth and sunshine – which is almost 7 months a year.

If you can’t afford a complete new wardrobe for the coming cold season, there are some great opaques or thick winter tights on the market which can revamp last year’s fashions and bring them back to life. Hosiery especially tights, has become an art form with cartoon prints, various scenery, two tone ombre or tie dye tights, hand sewn embellished designs and so much more being available from the inexpensive to the high end luxury market. Many styles make a fashion statement all on their own, no matter what you pair them with.

Here are our 6 top picks so far for this autumn – All available from our fashion tights collection leaf-print-tights moustache-tights bow-tights

blue-rose-tights ivory-embellished-tights tie-die-tights

How Tights are Bringing Sexy Back

Tights have been used as fashion items for both men and women for a long time back. They were especially popular among men from Europe a few centuries ago when men of nobility wore tights made from fine material such as silk and pure cotton. They were made as close fitting as possible to display well-toned calves and for horseback riding purposes.

Women on the other hand wore tights made of lacy material – traditional stockings. Today, there are so many different types of tights to choose from for both men and women. These tights are beautiful, with bold colours, different intricate designs and gorgeous fabrics. Trendy tights have brought back the chic and sexy woman. The trend of wearing tights in our generation is however more common with the ladies than with gents.

Different types of tights can be classified according to age and gender, material used to make them, or their purpose. Classification according to age will refer to babies’ tights which are often unisex unless specified otherwise and adult tights which are different depending on gender. Tights can also be classified depending on their purpose. There are those that are made specifically for sportswear and those made as fashion items. Tights that are worn during sporting activities such as jogging, swimming, horseback riding, cycling et cetera have a different texture and material from those worn for beauty reasons.

People who perform in some arts like ballet and plays are known to wear tights as costumes. The use of tights by men today is mostly for sports reasons – very few men will wear tights for other reasons other than sports, although a few daring and bold ones can be spotted in men tights though. Tights for both men and women can be made complete with the foot area covered or footless. Those made for sporty reasons are usually made from spandex, the material is opaque and holds the muscles firmly. Fashion tights are made from lace, silk, nylon or fine cotton. The fabric used is interwoven with pores. Some manufacturers even line these tights with moisturisers to keep the skin supple.

Tights that are manufactured these days are made of denser material. They have almost eliminated the use of stockings because tights are deemed more fashionable and versatile. Unlike stockings which are generally made of sheer material of plain colour, tights can be made from patterned and beautifully designed material. Tights make a fashion statement and thick winter deniers are not prone to tear. Tights are firmer and can enhance the look of ones’ figure. Women especially wear them to make their legs look longer and well-toned rather than ‘broken’ at thigh length as with stockings. Tights have been preferred over stockings in recent years because manufacturers have found a way to make them great fashion statements. Materials such as wet look, fishnets, sheer, metallic etc have been used to make tights bringing their design to a whole new different level. It is common to see ladies adorned in very brightly coloured opaque tights that look totally amazing. Apart from fashion items, the thickness of tights makes them better heat insulators than stockings.

The use of tights as fashion items is likely to stay with us a while – they can be worn with literally anything and pull off a great look. Coupled with a short dress, a fitting long top, with boots, heels, sandals – just name it. It is impossible to go wrong with a great pair of tights – they have literally outdone themselves in bringing sexy back.


Fashion Tights for All

Despite the fact that fashions change from season to season, fashion
offer a fantastic opportunity to give old clothes a new look. Funky colours and styles come in various deniers and can be teamed with any outfit you choose – worn for work, clubbing, or with high heels or flats. Classic or fashion styles can be worn my women of any age and make a style statement all of their own.

Suspender tights made headlines last year as one of the newest trends in the hosiery world and were adopted by celebrities everywhere, whilst seamed tights bring back an elegant 40’s style, especially those with cuban heels where a darker heel extends up leg going into a back seam.

Fashion tights are also great for the cooler weather, nothing beats a thick pair of wool tights in winter when it is important to look smart yet stay warm – even thermal tights are now available in a great choice of colours & styles.

An inexpensive way of jazzing up the old or going for maximum impact, opt for unusual prints or bold colours to add a vibrant look to an otherwise plain ensemble, there are no limitations as to what you can do with a simple pair of tights and if your wardrobe doesn’t contain anything other than black – its time to update it!