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Dupont Nylons
11 Things You Might Not Know About Nylon - Nylon was the first fiber to be totally manmade and its invention changed the world.
Shape Up – Black to the 50's
The women who were considered the most beautiful in the 1950’s had curvy womanly shapes and skinny women were considered unattractive – which just shows how different body image and beauty was back then to how it is now.
Tights or Stockings?
Hidden from view they may be, but surely there’s no mistaking the type of woman who chooses stockings over tights?
Top Fur Accessories for Winter
Fur accessories are everywhere – from brightly colored fox headbands and hats, raccoon or rabbit scarves and beanies, or shaggy sheep fur handbags to the fun of faux fur in large blocks of bold or pastel colours seen on coats & scarves
Fur Fashions
Fur is Fun this Season! it’s time for our thoughts to turn to winter wardrobes – coats, jackets and what accessories we are going to wear with them.