Fun, Flirty Tights for Spring

Fun, Flirty Tights for Spring

Fun, Flirty Tights for Spring


Functional and Flirty, Fashion Tights To Enhance any Outfit 

Fun and flirty tights for spring.

We all know what it’s like waking up on a Monday morning and agonizing over what we are going to wear. As hosiery, fashion tights are a popular and convenient way to jazz up any outfit and are an important fashion accessory in your wardrobe. While the neutral beige, nudes and browns work well to improve the skin tone and do a great job at hiding varicose veins or other blemishes, if you are feeling more adventurous, stripes, checks and fabrics of the baroque trend and other bold patterns can certainly make an enterprising statement. Getting your tights right is a key element to putting together a new look every day of your life. 

Give Your Legs a Toned Look

Women wear tights for many different reasons – thicker fabrics help to keep the legs warm and can truly make an otherwise ‘dull’ outfit, whilst the ultra sheer tights, which can be as thin as a 3 denier, means that fashion tights are not just a Winter item but they can be worn in Summer too. You can never have too many tights and you’ll find everything from plain, sheer and sexy to luxurious fabrics with exotic patterns that can change anything you can pull out your wardrobe in an instant. From the basic cheap and cheerful to the luxuriously embellished ranges from designers such as Bebaroque where you can pay upwards of £95 a pair, there is definitely something for everyone on the market today. Well toned legs will enhance the look of any legwear so see our tips on getting your legs in shape.

Supportive Fashion Hosiery

Fashion tights, apart from looking great, allow you to wear slinky dresses as they play a role in providing the stomach and thighs with support, applying a bit of pressure to the tummy, thighs and even in the lower leg area. Fashion hosiery is also affordable, and if you can’t afford to buy a complete new ensemble, you can always wear tights in graphic retro patterns, polka dots or animal prints and give yourself the feel-good factor without having to breakthe bank.

A  Hot Trend with Celebrities

Original and innovative, fashion tights are all the rage, and it is no doubt the influence of celebs such as Kate Moss, Taylor Swift, Kate Middleton, Katy Perry and Jessica Alba among others that have contributed to them being such a hot trend. We have been wearing tights for many seasons now, but never before have we had such a flirty embellished range to choose from, and they can be paired with lightweight mini skirts or thick woollen dresses for a streamlined effect. You even get the sheer toed variety which make it possible to wear the latest fashion tights with open toe sandals.

A Hot Key Item

Trendy tights are certainly one of this season’s hottest key items and their beauty lies in the fact that they work as well for a day at the office as for a special night out. Designers such as Pamela Mann, Leg Avenue and Henry Holland amongst others have come out with fabulous but affordable designs to ensure that they can be co-ordinated with many different outfits. Play it cool this season by matching alluring legwear with your favourite outfit. By providing subtle coverage, comfort and warmth, style and chic, fashion tights are perfect for wearing every day of the year and are an essential item for your wardrobe. You will certainly be able to put your best leg forward with fashionable hosiery, whether the weather warms up or stays cool.

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Jade says:

April 19, 2014 at 10:51 am 

All very well having a great selection of tights to team up with various outfits, but can anyone suggest a moderately cheap brand that fits well, stay up and has a good variety of colours and styles? From my own experience, I know buying ‘quality’ brands can become quite costly.

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