How Tights are Bringing Sexy Back

How Tights are Bringing Sexy Back

Tights are Bringing Sexy Back


Tights have been used as fashion items for both men and women for a long time back. They were especially popular among men from Europe a few centuries ago when men of nobility wore tights made from fine material such as silk and pure cotton. They were made as close fitting as possible to display well-toned calves and for horseback riding purposes.

Women on the other hand wore tights made of lacy material – traditional stockings. Today, there are so many different types of tights to choose from for both men and women. These tights are beautiful, with bold colours, different intricate designs and gorgeous fabrics. Trendy tights have brought back the chic and sexy woman. The trend of wearing tights in our generation is however more common with the ladies than with gents.

Different types of tights can be classified according to age and gender, material used to make them, or their purpose. Classification according to age will refer to babies’ tights which are often unisex unless specified otherwise and adult tights which are different depending on gender. Tights can also be classified depending on their purpose. There are those that are made specifically for sportswear and those made as fashion items. Tights that are worn during sporting activities such as jogging, swimming, horseback riding, cycling et cetera have a different texture and material from those worn for beauty reasons. 

People who perform in some arts like ballet and plays are known to wear tights as costumes. The use of tights by men today is mostly for sports reasons – very few men will wear tights for other reasons other than sports, although a few daring and bold ones can be spotted in men tights though. Tights for both men and women can be made complete with the foot area covered or footless. Those made for sporty reasons are usually made from spandex, the material is opaque and holds the muscles firmly. Fashion tights are made from lace, silk, nylon or fine cotton. The fabric used is interwoven with pores. Some manufacturers even line these tights with moisturisers to keep the skin supple. 

Tights that are manufactured these days are made of denser material. They have almost eliminated the use of stockings because tights are deemed more fashionable and versatile. Unlike stockings which are generally made of sheer material of plain colour, tights can be made from patterned and beautifully designed material. Tights make a fashion statement and thick winter deniers are not prone to tear. Tights are firmer and can enhance the look of ones’ figure. Women especially wear them to make their legs look longer and well-toned rather than ‘broken’ at thigh length as with stockings. Tights have been preferred over stockings in recent years because manufacturers have found a way to make them great fashion statements. Materials such as wet look, fishnets, sheer, metallic etc have been used to make tights bringing their design to a whole new different level. It is common to see ladies adorned in very brightly coloured opaque tights that look totally amazing. Apart from fashion items, the thickness of tights makes them better heat insulators than stockings. 

The use of tights as fashion items is likely to stay with us a while – they can be worn with literally anything and pull off a great look. Coupled with a short dress, a fitting long top, with boots, heels, sandals – just name it. It is impossible to go wrong with a great pair of tights – they have literally outdone themselves in bringing sexy back.

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