How to Put on Stockings & A Suspender Belt

How to Put on Stockings & A Suspender Belt

Stockings & Suspenders

How to Wear stockings and a suspender belt

It never really occured to me that there are some women who may not know how to wear stockings and a suspender belt until today, when a customer had the impression that special stockings were made with ‘holes’ in the top to clip suspenders through. Although I’ve been asked general questions about wearing them – ie. knickers over or under, whether to clip the stockings on the supender belt before pulling it all on or after, or even how to have a wee whilst wearing them, I didn’t actually think about how the logistics of how they work may not be self explanatory to all so we have put together a short guide and video link which will hopefully help all those ladies in trouble. 

How to attach suspender belt clips

How To Attach your Stockings

To start, put the suspender belt around your waist and choose the correct setting so it is not digging in. A good make will always have a choice of 3 or 4 hook & eye settings. Roll one stocking up your leg (easiest when you are seated), ensuring any seams are straight by standing backwards in front of a mirror and bending over. Clip the front clasp onto the stocking by opening the clasp and placing the rubber knob behind the stocking and the metal clasp over the top. Slot the rubber knob into the clasp (along with the stocking) and pull down to the bottom of the clasp. Follow this with the back one, then the sides (assuming you have a 6 strap or more belt). Adjust the length of the straps so your stockings are not too ‘baggy’.

*Tip – try to get a belt with metal clips rather than plastic.

French knickers are ideal to wear with suspender belts

Going to the toilet whilst wearing stockings & suspenders can be slightly
annoying as usually knickers are worn under the belt meaning that all
straps have to be unclipped each time. French knickers are a fantastic
alternative to briefs or thongs as they are worn over the belt so avoid
any unnecessary fuss every time you use the loo. 

It is often much easier to watch than to follow in writing so we have found a ‘How to..’ link to a video showing exactly how to wear a suspender belt

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Try to avoid ‘regular’ sized stockings, buy from a range that offer sizes and make sure you get the correct size for your height. It may be that the stockings you are using are too short. Debbie

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