Shape Up – Black to the 50's

Shape Up – Black to the 50's

All we see these days on TV, the internet and in magazines, are ads and articles telling us we should lose weight, tips on how to lose weight, and guides as to how to do it sensibly with diet and exercise – not to mention the various pills and potions we can take to help us with this ongoing ‘battle’.

However, go back just 60 years and it was a completely different story. The women who were considered the most beautiful in the 1950’s had curvy womanly shapes and skinny women were considered unattractive – which just shows how different body image and beauty was back then to how it is now.

Lingerie models and film stars were glamorous and shapely and adverts at the time were advising women to gain weight with products such as ironised yeast, Kelp-a-Malt and Wate-On liquidised emulsions which ‘Helps make bustline, cheeks, arms, legs fill out, helps put firm solid flesh on skinny figures all over the body’. With cartoon style adverts telling women they would never get a boyfriend if they were thin, there was as much pressure on women to gain weight in the 40’s and 50’s as there is now for us to lose it.

Marilyn Monroe was one of the biggest sex goddesses of our times and pictured many times in bikinis, swimsuits and lingerie/nightwear but she was a size 14, not perfectly toned and even had quite large thighs. In fact, on paper this sounds just like the ‘average’ woman of today.

Skinny Girls Don’t have Oomph! Skinny Girls are not Glamour Girls, There is no excuse for being skinny, Good News for Thousands of Girls who have no SEX APPEAL ………

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