Stocking Styles for Plus Size Ladies

Stocking Styles for Plus Size Ladies


I can write easily about plus size legs as I have spent my life being teased by my friends for having ‘wrestlers legs’, even when I was just a size 10 (some years ago now:(
I would love to wear so many of the great fashion stockings and tights out there but am restricted to certain styles and patterns as some leave my legs looking like overstuffed sausages. If you are unfortunate enough to have an abundance of fatty tissue from the hips down, there is absolutely no reason why women of any size can’t wear stockings with confidence, just take a few minutes to think carefully about the styles you choose. 

My advice would be not to wear anything too sheer, or with an all-over pattern that will stretch,
‘fuzz’ around the edges and generally not do your legs any favours at all. Choose darker colours with a simple pattern up the side of the leg or a seam up the back which will slim it down. Your choice of shoes will also make a difference, avoid flats or anything with an ankle strap, and match your shoe colour to the colour of your stockings.

It is not necessary to have perfect thighs to wear stockings, but it is usually better to go for
a suspender belt rather than hold-ups (which can be okay if the top is fairly deep), as you will get a smoother line, the grip of stay ups could cause an ‘overhang’, but having said that, buying the right size rather than squeezing into a ‘one size fits all’ can eliminate the problem – or even just a few simple exercises a day to tone your thighs can make all the difference. Women still look sexy in a great
pair of stockings – plus size or not!

Here are my 6 top favourite stocking styles for ladies with larger legs:

A small pattern running vertically down the calf will slim down calf area

Lace Top Holdups Nude, Black or Ivory from ‘Plus Size’ brand Glamory Hosiery

A backseam will elongate and slim down ‘wider’ legs.

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