Summer Hosiery for the Office but Sexy Enough for After Hours

Summer Hosiery for the Office but Sexy Enough for After Hours

What hosiery if any, should you be wearing this summer – tights, stockings, socks or go for the bare-legged look?

Despite the fact that July so far seems to be plagued by downpours, the warmer weather still requires that we ‘lighten our load’ by wearing summer clothing and this includes our legwear. Perfect for this time of year, nude stockings and tights are ideal for shorter skirts or under shorts and the high shine variety are elegant, sexy and flattering for evening wear. The downside of nudes or pastels is that nothing is less flattering than dirty rain splashes up the back of your legs, which is inevitable with our current weather.

Bear in mind that the denier relates to the density of the nylon fibres, and hosiery which has a lower denier making your tights or stockings more sheer is cooler and more comfortable to wear when the weather is warm. Light and silky, 7-10 deniers are available in a range of closely matched nude shades that will make your legs look naturally smooth and are so sheer you’ll probably forget that you’re wear any legwear at all.

What is trending this summer in legwear?

With the range of Summer hosiery available today in a wealth of styles to suit anyone and everyone, you can take your pick from thigh-highs, no-show socks, tights, knee highs, toe-less stockings, hold-ups or lightweight leggings. Sheer hosiery can be worn in ways which say sophisticated, sexy and classy and are the perfect way to vamp up your legs while making your total overall look more ‘complete’. There are some fantastic ‘statement’ tights on the market which can be worn with a plain lightweight suit or dress to give a sassy look such as Leg Avenue’s Sheer Nude Tattoo Tights or the bright and colourful Comic Print tights from Pamela Mann.

Add Some Excitement with Practicality

For a sexy, svelte leg shape you can create a fantastic silhouette with slimming hosiery – and with control and support tights you get leg support with a control boxer brief which can slenderize the stomach area too. For anyone who is is going to be on their feet all day such as shop workers, tights with graduated compression look just like regular sheers and opaques but provide legs with a flattering shape plus all the support they need.

Wear Slinkier Outfits with Confidence

Not only do the latest body-shaping stockings and tights from brands such as Hanes’ Smooth Illusions give your legs and thighs a slimmer look, they allow you to wear slinkier items and skirts with confidence. Designers such as Calvin Klein, Falke, Mary Quant, Elbeo, Spanx, Pretty Polly and others have made tights an essential fashion accessory bringing trendy colours, patterns and styles into hosiery, and are a simple way to spice up any outfit. Footless hosiery is great for Summer legs and open toe sandals, and the soft, stretchy Lycra makes them perfect for everyday wear.

Conceal those Blemishes

If the cold weather has taken the life and moisture from your skin, the key to transforming dull skin is to exfoliate to reveal the fresher, more radiant skin below. You get attractive, smooth looking Summer legs from giving them a 5-star treatment. Dry skin brushing, exfoliating with a scrub, soaking the legs in a toning bath of essential oils and keeping legs smooth and hair-free are all ways to keep the skin on the legs moisturized and glowing. Once you’ve done all the hard work and skin-prepping if you still feel your bare legs still have flaws such as varicose veins, you may feel inclined to cover them up with trousers but a great alternative is a pair of sheer patterned tights which will detract the eye from any imperfections. Hosiery designed specifically for the summer is the next best thing to a complete cover-up; in fact the shimmery, sun-kissed look they can give your legs might well be good enough reason to wear them even when you have perfect looking legs.

Convenience All-Round

Tights and stockings are key pieces in your wardrobe; being both stylish and practical they contribute to making a good first impression whether you are attending a meeting, going for an interview or even on a first date. Heading out for work, dinner and drinks or taking time out for leisure? Fun, casual, semi-smart, luxurious, sophisticated or sultry and sexy, hosiery in its many forms allows you to move between different dress codes and is an essential on your must-buy Summer wardrobe list. The greatest part is the convenience too; all your hosiery can be bought discreetly and easily from the convenience of your desktop.


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