Top Fur Accessories for Winter

Top Fur Accessories for Winter


You only have to look at the catwalks to know that fur is always an essential part of your wardrobe and many of these gorgeous creations  hit the high street and online shops.  All types and styles of fur are on trend this year, you only need to read any fashion blog or magazine to see the widespread attraction for fur coats, shoes, handbags, gillets, scarves and headwear – and that includes a combination of both real and faux.

Fur accessories are everywhere – from brightly colored fox headbands and hats, raccoon or rabbit scarves and beanies, or shaggy sheep fur handbags to the fun of faux fur in large blocks of bold or pastel colours seen on coats, scarves or any of the outfit styling accessories we all need to perfect our ‘look’.  Retro style classics and oversized real fur coats are also making a comeback in colours such as grey, black, brown or animal print.

Faux fur has been featured on almost everything this year so if you find a full length coat a little overwhelming, adding a little bit of fur to cuffs, collars or bags adds a touch of luxury to any item, as well as the comfort of a little bit of extra warmth – practical for the cold winter months as well as a wise wardrobe investment.

Real fur has been used by a lot of designers this year making it once again fashionable – despite the controversy over it’s use.  However, did you know that synthetic faux fur is non-biodegradable and therefore will end up in landfills?

Whether you choose to wear real or faux, fur is an intrinsic part of this year’s winter wardrobe and accessories such as scarves, hats, gloves or headbands liven up any outfit as well as making fantastic inexpensive Christmas presents.

Our Fur Favourites for this winter:

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