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Shape Up – Black to the 50's
The women who were considered the most beautiful in the 1950’s had curvy womanly shapes and skinny women were considered unattractive – which just shows how different body image and beauty was back then to how it is now.
Retro Style Fashion – The ‘Lost’ Glamour of the 1950s
Back to the 50’s. – Although retro style hosiery & lingerie is now highly popular, the glamour of the 50’s has been lost.
Insiders Guide to Bodystockings
Lingerie can be daring and sexy or functional and demure, but if you are looking to create an impact in the bedroom, nothing beats a bodystocking for maximum thrill factor.
50 Years of Fashion Hosiery
The story of Allen Grant, whose pregnant wife’s struggle with stockings and suspender belts encouraged him to come up with a solution to her discomfort.
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