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Dupont Nylons
11 Things You Might Not Know About Nylon - Nylon was the first fiber to be totally manmade and its invention changed the world.
Tights or Stockings?
Hidden from view they may be, but surely there’s no mistaking the type of woman who chooses stockings over tights?
How to Preserve your Stockings – 40’s Style
From the British Pathe archives this is an interesting, if long-winded, way of preserving your stockings (and would work just as well with tights if you care to try it)
20% Discount on Falbala Seamed Stockings
We would like to offer our readers a special promo code for a 20% discount on the 1940’s inspired seamed stockings collection at falbala.co.uk.
What Jezebel Should Write About Wearing Stockings
Jezebel is associated with women who where sexually immoral and promiscuous, similar to those first women who appeared in public wearing stockings and suspenders – ie. Prostitutes, show girls, pin up girls or women who appear in adult magazines.