Buy Stockings onlineWhy Buy Online?

Buying stockings online eliminates the need to visit a number of high street shops to find the style you want. Although it is usually necessary to pay postage, think of the money saved on car parking fees, worn shoe leather from traipsing from shop to shop, (and no doubt the price of a coffee whilst you are out!) and the time that could be spent doing other things. In today's busy and hectic world, saving time is a priority for many women.

Why Choose Stockings over Tights?
Despite a brief fall from grace when tights were first invented, stockings have remained a popular hosiery choice for women all over the world, mainly thanks to a huge proliferation of fashionable styles. The modern woman of today can choose from nylon, opaque, sheer, hold ups, those that require suspenders, or a variety of high fashion stockings made from a huge range of different materials including lycra, spandex and fishnet, and they are available in many colours, designs, and deniers.

What are stockings?
Unlike tights, stockings are designed to cover the leg and end around the mid thigh area. They were originally worn by men and were the height of fashion for stylish gentlemen about town several hundred years ago, but by the 20th century, were worn by women under skirts, designed to cover bare skin and protect female modesty from the eyes of men.

Early stockings were made from silk and rayon, but once nylon became the material of choice, the hosiery manufacturing industry changed forever and they became a fashion item rather than something your granny would wear. However, it was not until the post war years that nylon stockings became more widespread and the hosiery garment of choice amongst women of all ages. No doubt mothers in the 50's, and 60's would have given anything to be able to buy stockings online instead of pushing a large pram and dragging toddlers to the local high street to get their regular pack of 'neutrals'.

For a long time, sales of tights massively eclipsed those of the stocking, but in recent times, stockings have seen an increase in popularity. In the good old days, you would have been required to wear a suspender belt to get them to stay up, but thanks to new designs, women can choose hold up stockings that negate the need for a suspender belt and are suitable for wearing beneath knee length skirts, although suspender stockings are still commonly available for those who prefer a retro look.

What are the advantages of stockings?
Because the upper thigh remains exposed, stockings are cooler to wear when the weather is warmer. They are also more aesthetically pleasing and attractive to wear compared to tights and they are more suited for wearing beneath form fitting clothing as they leave no visible line around the waist.

Although fashion stockings and sheer stockings are eminently suitable for everyday wear and come in all colours and deniers, there is also a large market for sexy stockings such as those made from fishnet material. Many men adore women wearing stockings and there is a great deal of erotic appeal in stockings and a suspender belt.

If you looking for a specific pair, or just want to browse to find just the right pair, there are many good websites, including this one, where you can buy stockings online for a reasonable price with next day delivery.


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