Celebrity HosieryWhat Hosiery Celebrities are Wearing

Celebrities are no different to the rest of us: they like to wear stylish hosiery too, whether they are heading out to an A List party or movie premier, filming a music video or passing through LAX. But what are the latest celebrity hosiery trends and are we likely to see the same hosiery styles on the high street any time soon?

One recent hosiery trend favoured by some of the hottest celebrities is suspender tights. Many famous faces including Lady GaGa and Charlotte Church have been seen wearing them and the stylish suspender tights look is now extremely coveted by those who want to look on trend this year.

For many years, women have favoured tights over stockings and suspenders, mainly because such garments were viewed as old fashioned and dated in the modern era. But times are changing and with many famous celebrities photographed in recent years wearing racy underwear featuring glamorous stockings and suspenders, the demand for such garments has risen dramatically and women everywhere are buying stockings based on styles worn by their favourite icons for their own everyday wear.

Celebrity tights are also big business in the world of fashionable hosiery and as well as the hot new look of suspender tights, many celebrities have been seen accessorising with funky patterned tights and stylish eighties inspired designs. Whereas most of us have been wearing opaque tights all winter, those in the know chose pretty patterned tights, as seen in several of the major catwalk collections.

Lace patterned tights have been photographed all over town of late, worn by the biggest names in fashion as well as other well known ladies from the world of pop. Of course, many celebrities buy their hosiery from top designers, but most of the major fashion hosiery manufacturers produce similar items for a fraction of the price, so it does not take much effort find fashion tights and stockings that are almost identical but at half the price.

Thankfully you do not need to have the budget of the rich and famous to be able to afford a trip to Paris and Milan to buy the latest celebrity tights and stockings: all the big high street names stock their own designer inspired hosiery collections and any woman with an eye on the latest fashions can easily reproduce the same on trend styles as seen in the glossy magazines. So if you want the celebrity hosiery look, check out our website for some patterned or suspender tights to complete your outfit in style.


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Paris Hilton wearing mock suspender tights Jessie J wearing a pair of dog tooth patterned tights Rhianna in suspender tights Heather Graham in a pair of floral patterned fishnet tights