Choosing the Right Suspender Belt

Suspender Belts available from Swanky Pins

Nothing says sexy quite like a suspender belt, so if you are looking to turn up the heat on your relationship, investing in one of these little beauties is a sure-fire way to do it. Whether worn with the full-on Basque, French knickers and silk stockings ensemble for a super-sexy night in, or underneath a skirt for a day at the office or a night out, a suspender belt instantly adds more than a touch of va va voom to your ensemble. It is sure to be very much appreciated by the person you intend to reveal it to. Indeed, perhaps you donnt intend to reveal your sultry undergarments to anybody but yourself and just like the feeling it gives when worn with stockings under a pencil skirt at the office, for example. Nobody need know why you have an extra sexy spring in your step, but if you want to feel vampish and desirable all day long, a suspender belt and stockings certainly beat a pair of tights hands down.

Choosing the Best Suspender Belt for You
It almost goes without saying that you need to choose wisely when picking a suspender belt, especially if you are wearing one for the first time. Get it right and you'll look sensuous and sexy in a snap. Get it wrong, however and you could end up with lumps and bumps in all the wrong places, with a look that is more Readerss Wivess than sultry and alluring. Firstly, this is not the time to look for the cheapest product on the market. Suspender belts made of cheap fabrics are likely to look as cheap as they feel and are also likely to tear easily. Invest in something a little more hard-wearing, yet soft to the touch. It should feel soft against your skin and not rub or chafe. It is worth trying a few on, or doing some extensive online research, before plumping for a new suspender belt. If you buy a model that is not right for you, it is likely to end up thrown out with the rubbish.

The Right Size of Belt
Size-wise, you'll need to be very honest with yourself. Buy a suspender belt for the size you are, not for the size you wish to be. Suspenders work beautifully on soft curves, but they should never strain or press into the flesh as a too-small belt not only looks unflattering, but it is unpleasant to wear as well. Some are adjustable, allowing for the fact that we tend to gain and lose a little weight throughout the month, but always buy one that allows space for your hips. Likewise, if you are slender and would like to create the illusion of more curves, buying a suspender belt that is too large is not the way to do it; it should fit snugly but comfortably. If the belt is hanging round your hips, you are likely to give the impression of a daughter raiding her motherrs underwear drawer! Pay attention to colour, too. Red is a little clichhd and perhaps better suited to red light districts than your closet, but black, creams and even animal prints are popular suspender belt hits. For a wide range of belts to suit all shapes and sizes, Swanky Pins Retro Lingerie is one of the best online sources.


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