Fashion Tights became a necessary accessory when the mini-skirt became the latest trend in the 60's, when the most popular colour was 'American Tan'. The Fashion Tights available today are a little more comfortable to wear, being made up of a combination of nylon and spandex or elastane which provides elasticity and makes them less prone to 'runs'.

Although available in a wide range of colours, styles, patterns and thickness, not all tights are suitable for all legs. Fashionable bold or large prints are best avoided on larger legs, whilst skinny legs look wider with light or neutral colours, animal or big floral prints. Slim legs down with dark colours, flattering seamed tights, smaller designs or a vertical stripe. Whatever your leg shape or preference, we have an excellent range of fashion tights from which to choose. With the warmer weather approaching, you may want to check out our Spring Opaques or if you are still feeling the cold, we have some fabulous Thick Winter Tights!

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