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The History of Hosiery - In many ways, the history of hosiery closely follows the role of women in the 20th century. In the early decades, hosiery was utilitarian and relatively plain, but as female independence flourished from 1960s onwards, the hosiery industry exploded as women demanded more fashionable hosiery so that they could draw attention to their legs.

Hosiery in Fashion - Women have never had so much choice when it comes to stylish hosiery. The possibilities are endless and the shops are full of great choices of fashion tights and fashion stockings.

Celebrity Hosiery - You don't need to have the budget of the rich and famous to be able to afford to buy the latest celebrity tights and stockings: all the big high street names stock their own designer inspired hosiery collections and any woman with an eye on the latest fashions can easily reproduce the same on trend styles as seen in the glossy magazines.

How to Care for your Hosiery -  Many women spend a huge amount of money on various types of legwear each year, so it makes sense to spend a little extra time looking after it to ensure your investment lasts as long as possible before being relegated to the bin.

Why it's Easier to Buy Stockings Online -  In today's busy and hectic world, saving time is a priority for many women and buying stockings online eliminates the need to visit a number of high street shops to find the style you want, online hosiery shops stock a far more varied options than any one 'real world' retailer.

The Fashion Tights of Today - Fashion tights are now widely available to buy online, and considered to be an important accessory to a stylish outfit rather than an essential piece of hosiery to protect your modesty when wearing a short skirt

Being Creative with Coloured Hosiery - Coloured hosiery will look best when it compliments your clothing or matches your accessories, whether it be a handbag, shoes/boots, scarf, ect.

Why Socks are Hot!In recent years, socks have become as much of a fashion statement as their more glamorous cousins, stockings and tights. From the fashionable to the novelty kind, millions of pairs are sold every year by some of the world's biggest fashion retailers

Why Stockings are Sexy -  Stockings have been fuelling men's fantasies for decades, but as well as the sensual sensation of silky nylon on smooth skin, sheer fashion stockings are also a stylish accessory for a shapely leg.

Revitalise your Look with Tights - Very few wardrobe items are a versatile as a pair of tights and with so many styles and colours to choose from, it is safe to say that the way you determine how to wear your tights will show people a little bit about your personality.

Getting your Legs in Shape - Women generally choose hosiery that will flatter their legs so it makes sense that the better your leg shape the more flattering it will look. The sooner you start your 'beautiful legs' campaign, the better.

Hosiery Fashions - What's in and what's not – You can update any outfit by accessorising with the latest hosiery in fashion and as for colour - well, the world is your oyster as far as that goes.

Ladies - How to wear Fashion Socks - Sexy and cute, ladies fashion socks have been a predominant accessory in many wardrobes this year, giving a sweet and feminine look if worn with flats, or a more sassy look when worn with heels.

Suspender tights are a great addition to any ladies hosiery collection. Designed to resemble a 'merging' of traditional stockings and tights, they are cooler to wear than tights and less restrictive than a suspender belt.

Fishnets - The Past 5 Decades - Originally popular only with prostitutes, strippers, burlesque dancers, pinups & certain movie stars in the 50's, fishnet stockings were associated with fetishism and the average girl/woman did not wear them, probably for fear of being branded as 'cheap'.

Making the most of your hosiery – Tips & Advice on how to wear colours, keeping seams straight...

When to Wear Support Tights - Support tights, control tights and panty girdles are designed to streamline the body and flatten problem areas. Many women choose to wear support hosiery under close fitting garments and slim line dresses, not to mention that it also has medical benefits

Fashion Spotlight on Legs - Tights, hold ups, stockings or knee highs, hosiery is the perfect way to liven up or tone down your outfit to suit any occasion. But gone are the days when hosiery choices consisted of American Tan or Barely Black.