Styles of fashion in hosieryFashion Hosiery - a style statement

In the early days, hosiery was predominantly worn by men to keep legs covered and protect them from the cold and sun. Stockings were made from silk and cotton and the creation of such garments was a time consuming and laborious process.

It was not until the invention of Nylon that stylish hosiery was mass produced and fashion stockings and fashion tights hit the heights of popularity. Today, fashion hosiery is a style statement worn by women all over the world and stylish hosiery is available from top designers and high street stores everywhere.

Fashion hosiery has even become a style statement in its own right and many of the top designers have taken advantage of the new knitting and printing techniques to come up with every more complex and striking designs. Catwalk hosiery is often incorporated into the shows of many of the top designers and worn by some of the world's most beautiful models. Catwalk hosiery features elaborate embellishments using gems, jewels, and cutting edge prints and designs, and is a million miles away from the bland tan stockings favoured by women in the 1950s and 60s.

What are the choices on offer for modern hosiery in Fashion?
Women have never had so much choice when it comes to stylish hosiery. The possibilities are endless and the shops are full of great choices of fashion tights and fashion stockings. When the weather is cold, women can choose from thick wool mix tights in bright jewel colours to protect their legs from the biting chill of winter, and in summer, women have a million different sheer stockings and tights with which they can accessorise their outfits.

Where can women buy the latest fashion hosiery?
Stylish legwear is available from hundreds of different retail outlets and the days when you needed a close relationship with an American GI to acquire some new nylon stockings are long gone. You can buy fashion tights and fashion stockings from stores on the high street, but for many women, the latest fashion hosiery is more conveniently available from online retailers.

Buying tights and stockings online offers women the chance to peruse the ranges of fashion tights, holdups and stockings from the comfort of their home or office. Instead of traipsing through shops on the high street, you can explore your hosiery options in a variety of online stores, which will save you money and give you more choice.


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