The Latest Hosiery Styles - Make the Most of Your Legs

Latest Hosiery Styles from Swanky PinsChic fashionable hosiery and sexy lingerie has been in high demand for centuries in its various forms. Despite the fact that hosiery styles and fashions change all the time and colours change with the seasons, black tights or stockings, whether plain, patterned or seamed, will always be the most popular as they are versatile, slim down the legs, always look elegant and can be matched with virtually any colour worn.

Fashion tights offer a great way to give any clothes a new look and a well chosen style will flatter your legs, add fun or a splash of colour to your outfit or finish off your 'look' to perfection. If you are hoping to ditch your tights during the warmer months but are not yet ready to show off your 'winter' legs, moisturising tights by M&S containing marine plant extract, aloe vera, and ginkgo biloba will help prepare legs for baring in the summer, or alternatively you could try a pair of fake tan tights. For all fashion styles, the perfect pair of matching or contrasting tights is available somewhere.

Suspender tights are a fantastic alternative to the stockings & suspenders look and are being picture on celebrities everywhere. Unless you particularly like the health and 'ventilation' aspects of the real thing, they are comfortable to wear, sexy and will definitely turn heads wherever you go. These are usually available in sheers or fishnet and range from 'open gusset' to 'mock suspender tights'. although many styles do tend to be limited to black.

Fashion stockings have never really gone out of style, but the designs and materials used to make them have changed a lot. It is well known that high heels accentuate the leg shape and by wearing a gorgeous pair of stockings with them you can give yourself a certain sex appeal which is not so much associated with a pair of tights. Adding a sexy retro style suspender belt can accenuate the appearance and add a touch of glam. By bringing back the classic styles such as those with cuban heels and seams, women everywhere regardless of age, have embraced the enhanced feelings of femininity they can give the wearer.

Knee high socks with bows or ankle socks are not for everyone and tend not to flatter thicker legs, but a great pair of black overknee socks can lengthen the legs and look fantastic whether worn over tights or alone. Fashion socks are versatile and can be worn with a short dress and high heels or with shorts and a pair of trainers or ankle boots. A far cry from the old 'pop socks', todays trendy socks make a style statement all of their own.

Whatever type of fashion hosiery styles you choose to wear, there are some fantastic options in legwear these days so get creative, mix and match, and make yourself the centre of attention.