How to take care of your stockings, tights and hold ups

Many women spend a huge amount of money on various types of legwear each year, so it makes sense to spend a little extra time looking after it to ensure your investment lasts as long as possible before being relegated to the bin. But other than never opening the packet, what is the best way of taking care of your hosiery?

Buying the correct size is a major factor in hosiery care. Many women mistakenly buy tights in a size too small and wonder why the tights tear when they try and pull them up. Although the materials used these days are very stretchy, it will only stretch so far, and the more you tug the fataking care of your hosierybric, the more likely it is to rip.

Pulling on tights and stockings in the correct size is also risky business. Some styles of hosiery are so sheer than all it takes is a tiny snag and you have a ruinous ladder down one leg, and once this happens, you may as well bin the offending item. But such catastrophes can easily be avoided by removing jewellery before attempting to pull stockings or tights on. You should also make sure you do not have jagged nails and always take the greatest of care when sliding delicate nylon tights and stockings up your legs. Once you have got them on, your look can always be improved by taking care of what is underneath, keeping legs in shape, waxed / shaved and well moisturised will go a long way to making the best of your legwear.

What is the best way to pull hosiery on?
Once you have filed your nails and removed any jewellery, roll the leg of the tights or stockings down and ease it over your foot and ankle very gently. Slowly roll the leg up, smoothing it down as you go. The more careful you are, the less likely you are to snag or rip the fabric. You must also be very careful when removing tights and stockings. Slide them off gently by rolling down to avoid damaging the fabric.

Washing and drying are also a crucial part of hosiery care. Expensive tights and stockings are not designed to be thrown in the washing machine with all your other garments as they will easily be damaged in the drum. Hand washing is preferable, but if you prefer to machine wash your precious legwear, always place it in a separate mesh bag or pillowcase before adding it to the machine with the rest of the wash.

You must also take care when drying delicate hosiery and it is better to place sheer nylon stockings and tights somewhere out of the way to air dry in order to avoid any damaging snags or pulls from pets or other clothing.

To take care of hold up stockings you should follow the rules above, but also remember that the silicon bands can and do fail at some point so to preserve their 'tackiness', try not to use fake tan, moisturiser or talcum powder before wearing.

The latest hosiery in fashion, top designer tights, stockings or holdups may cost 3 times as much as 'high street' brands, but this does not mean that they are any less likely to snag, pull or ladder - it just means you lose more money when you don't take care of them properly so whatever you pay, caring for your hosiery is a must.


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