Women's Fashion Socks

Ladies Fashion Socks for Women

Sexy and cute, ladies fashion socks have been a predominant accessory in many wardrobes this year, giving a sweet and feminine look if worn with flats, or a more sassy look when worn with heels. Originally trendy in the 50's (remember Bobby Sox worn with full circle skirts?), short ankle socks have taken a back seat in fashion for many years, but began to appear on catwalks in late 2009.

Ankle socks with or without 'cuffs', should be worn just above the ankle - anything higher will shorten the legs. Changing the colour or style of your socks can offer a nice cheap way to update your outfit and wearing them over tights will enable you to keep the look going through the cold season. However you wear them - whether frilly, plain or with ribbons and bows, ladies ankle socks can look great all year round.

Knee high socks with bows are not for everyone and tend not to flatter thicker legs, but a great pair of black overknee socks can lengthen the legs and look fantastic whether worn over tights or alone. Fashion socks for Women are versatile and can be worn with a short dress and high heels or with shorts and a pair of trainers or ankle boots. A far cry from the old 'pop socks', todays trendy socks make a style statement all of their own.

If knee highs remind you of the plain and boring grey or white socks of your school days (and many people don't wish to be reminded of THEM), its time for a rethink and look at the fashionable knee high socks of today.

Available in lycra, fishnet, sheer or wool with a choice of patterns and colours decorated with lace, bows, or seams, fashion socks this year should not be overlooked. For extra warmth or a look that really flatters the leg, these knee highs look great under a pair of nude or black tights. If the length is too 'schoolgirl-ish' for your tastes, why not try the longer over knee socks. Comfortable to wear, sexy and warm, these can offer a great alternative. Thigh high socks can be worn with short skirts, over tights, under trousers for additional warmth - they are an extremely versatile accessory.

Ladies Socks, that have been inspired by catwalks and are super stylish whatever length or style you choose, are a great fashion accessory for women of all ages offering an affordable way to update an outfit or bring colour and patterns to what may otherwise be a 'bland' look.