Making the Most of your Hosiery

#Tip 1 - Keeping Seams Straight

keeping seams straight on tights and stockingsWhether you choose tights, stockings or holdups, seams add a touch of glamour and a bit of 'sex appeal' to our hosiery but a wonky line down the back of your leg is definitely not attractive. It can be difficult to keep seams straight - dancing, sitting with crossed legs, wearing a size slightly too big or just general movement can send them into a skewed frenzy.

To avoid having to constantly run to a mirror or check with your partner/friends whilst you are out, we have a few quick preparation tips that may help:

Start by putting them on correctly. Stand with your back to a mirror, slip over your feet, then stretch gently & roll up gradually whilst bending over so you can see in the mirror.

Seamed stockings are generally easier to wear and keep seams straight than tights as a girdle or suspender belt helps enormously. Girdles tend to have shorter straps so there is less room for movement, but the longer strapped suspender belts require a little more support. Available now with 6, 8, 10, 12 or even 14 straps, there is no excuse for seams on stockings not to be straight as long as you always choose a belt with 6 or more.

Other tricks you can try, especially on seamed tights which are more likely to stray, are: Using body / moisturising cream or vaseline so your legs are slightly 'sticky', using a thin layer of hairspray on the seams once you have them in place, not shaving your legs for a day or two so the 'stubble' grips them, and most importantly wearing the right size - anything too big will 'bag' and move your seams.

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# Tip 2 - Being Creative with Colour

Make the most of coloured hosieryUsing colour in your hosiery

Hosiery is one of the oldest accessories in the history of fashion for women and can be used to complement your evening wear, formal office clothes or everyday outfit.

At their most popular during the Autumn & Winter seasons when the weather turns colder, now is the time to get creative with colour for your legwear. There is a huge range of colours and styles to choose from online both on our website and others, whether you are looking for socks, stockings or tights and hosiery is a great way to refresh the look of any existing clothing.

Thick tights can be worn creatively with sloppy joe thigh length jumpers, under shorts or with anything that allows a glimpse of leg. Keeping clothing neutral will allow you to make bolder choices with your legwear - florals, animal prints or any flamboyant mix of colours.

Hosiery these days offers way more choice than the traditional black, white or nude, and now gives women the opportunity to add rainbow colours and patterns to brighten up even the plainest of outfits.

However, before you rush out and buy funky patterns in an effort to make a flamboyant fashion statement, there are some colour 'rules' that should be taken into consideration.

Coloured hosiery will look best when it compliments your clothing or matches your accessories, whether it be a handbag, shoes/boots, scarf, ect.

Almost any colour or patterned hosiery can be worn with a plain black or white outfit but the use of bold patterns will give the illusion of shorter, wider legs so are a good choice for taller ladies.

A short black dress and black boots will look great teamed with bright coloured patterned tights, maybe floral or tattoo prints.

If you have prints or patterns within your outfit, pick out one colour and match with some plain hosiery, with or without seams.

Matching your tights or stockings colour to that of your shoes will give the impression of longer legs as will darker shades, seams or vertical stripes, so perfect for those of us who don't have model legs. A thin sideseam of pattern whether in the same or contrasting colour on a plain pair of tights will also do the trick.

If you are short but hell bent on wearing hosiery with a bold pattern, team them with a short skirt and ultra high heels.

Use your hosiery to create unusual or contrasting colour combinations. Start with a colour wheel and choose colours opposite each other to match your outfit with your tights or stockings.

If you are not sure where to start, buy a couple of cheap pairs to experiment with. When you find a look you like, invest in some better quality hosiery that will last longer.

Coloured hosiery should be fun so make the most of some of the stunning styles currently on the market and go bold!

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