Opaque stockings are generally more popular during the cooler months as they are thicker than sheers - and can be anywhere between a 30-100 denier thickness, but they are also great for year round wear as they offer the opportunity to hide all types of sins and either give 'extra volume' to thin legs or slim down heavy legs, depending on the colour chosen. Opaques are so versatile and come in so many patterns and colours that they work well with almost any outfit and tie 'a look' together as well as offering a fanastic cost effective way to make an old outfit look like new. Opaque stockings normally have more of a matte finish than a sheer stocking, although there are some very stylish high shine options provided by some of today's great hosiery designers. With their fantastic ability to offer the flexibility to utterly change the look of any outfit, and being less likely to ladder than a sheer, it makes perfect sense to have a great selection stashed away in your hosiery drawer.