Tights - A Versatile Accessory

Brighten up your look with versatile fashion tights

Very few wardrobe items are a versatile as a pair of tights, whether you go for the latest bright colours and prints or prefer a more subdued look choosing nude or pastels and small patterns. Last year's fashions can be revitalised by a creative choice of legwear, and the office suit worn daily can look totally different on a day to day basis by experimenting with colourful and patterned hosiery.

With so much to choose from, it is safe to say that the way you determine how to wear your tights will show people a little bit about your personality. Whether you like the goth style black all over lace or fishnet, or any of the wild animal print tights on the market, there is something somewhere for your unique style.

Fashion is Fun for Everyone
Men wear tights, but customarily more for practical purposes as opposed to a fashion item (although some men just like the feel or even the thrill of wearing them). They can also be used for sport, particularly for chilly mornings and evenings when out training, or for medical reasons such as support for legs suffering from varicose veins. There is no excuse for anyone not to look trendy and unique with fashion tights because there are styles available for everyone from kids right through to plus sizes.

If you are new to hosiery, there is plenty of information on the Internet on how to wear tights and stockings. You can learn how to pick the right colours and textures to highlight your particular shape legs, how to pick the right tights for work, leisurewear and for those after-hours fun, sexy times.

Sheer or Thick? You Choose
Denier is used to describe the sheerness of tights, and a denier which is 10 or lower describes sheer hosiery while thick opaques designed to keep legs warm will have a denier of 100 plus. Sheer tights, ultra sheer tights, thick tights and opaque tights are just some of the terms used to describe this kind of attractive hosiery. The beauty of tights is that you can wear them with skirts, dresses and even shorts; both for formal and casual events. There are various types of tights and you can opt for fishnet, sheer, footless, or embellished and from materials which include Lycra, nylon and cotton.

There are so many excellent brands to choose from too, and you can take your pick of fashion tights from the likes of Miss Oroblu, Calvin Klein, Falke, Henry Holland, Pretty Polly, Jonathan Aston and many others such as some of the fantastic Polish brands (Veneziana, Tespol, Gabriella ect.) whose brands you may not even recognise but who all produce some fantastic designs. With the different brands, there are of course the more expensive options and the cheaper ones, but most of them are as comfortable, warm, stylish, colourful, plain and as sexy as you want them to be.

Fashion Tights Which Lend Support
The beauty with knowing how to wear tights is that you never have to sacrifice health in order to look good and feel comfortable. Support hosiery applies pressure to the stomach, thighs and lower legs, allowing for healthy circulation. A popular brand of support tights are from by Elbeo, while the more glamorous ranges are Falke and Levante. Today's modern support tights are anything but dowdy, so you benefit all round by looking after your health and looking fashionable at the same time.

Whatever the occasion - get dressed for success every time with runway or celebrity inspired hosiery and give yourself a chic, modern look that is bound to get the nod of approval every time.

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