Originally, sheer nylon hosiery was only available in the form of stockings, but in the mid 50's sheer tights became available although were very expensive. During the 60's when mini skirts were the height of fashion, tights became a necessity and were readily available and affordable.

Sheer Tights vary in colour, design and transparency (denier) - the lower the denier number the sheerer and more transparent the tights, but they are relatively delicate and can be prone to laddering. Sheer hosiery is generally associated with sophistication, perfect for teaming with the office suit or little black dress as well as being great for summer wear as they offer a light leg coverage with a satin sheen - ideal if you are not ready to reveal pasty white 'winter' legs. We offer a wide range of sheer and ultra-sheer tights in a variety of colours, styles and designs at very reasonable prices with next day delivery. For 30 denier and thicker, please see our 'Opaques' section.

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