Vintage is 'in' and nowhere is it more evident than in this seasons underwear with the revival of suspender belts, girdles, corsets, slips, bullet bras and big knickers (not the navy school type of course).

These styles are taken from the fashions of the Burlesque days, and more recently inspired by the film of the same name in which Christina Aguilera stars and the latest dance craze.

The suspender belts of today are nothing like the pieces of ill-fitting lace and elastic that were used purely to keep up your stockings, these are form fitting, comfortable, fully adjustable, sexy and are available with 4, 6, 8, 10 or more straps with metal clip fastenings. With pure nylon stockings, it is recommended to have at least a 6 strap to prevent sagging.

Girdles were traditionally worn to slim down the stomach area, but the wide Retro style suspender belts today are panelled and form fitting so will do the same job, pulling in the waist and slimming down the hips.

These divine creations don't come cheap - but I am sure you will find they are worth every penny. Vintage reproduction hosiery and underwear allows you to have that hour glass figure you always wanted. Feel like a pin up girl and get some retro glamour today!

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