The Marvels of Suspender Tights

With the warm weather here at last, suspender tights are a great addition to any ladies hosiery collection. Designed to resemble a 'merging' of traditional stockings and tights, they are cooler to wear than tights and less restrictive than a suspender belt. The sensual feel of stockings is not lost, just replaced with convenience and they provide a lovely seamless smooth finish to any outfit making a great pair of suspender tights practical to wear day, night or to the office. They are also 'ageless', and can be worn comfortably by women of any age or size.

The styles and designs available are superb, but unfortunately colours are restricted and most come in black or brown/nude shades, although fishnet styles - as seen on many catwalks again this year, are in abundance.

Mock suspender tights on the other hand are slightly different in that they are actually just a pair of tights that resemble a pair of stockings but without the fiddly fastenings. If you love the look of a suspender belt but are not comfortable wearing them, 'mocks' are ideal.

They do look fantastic and sexy under a short skirt or a pair of shorts and are very popular with the under 30's and have been seen recently on many top celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Rihanna (who wore a pair very similar to this pretty black mock suspender tights with a red bow ), Paris Hilton, Lady GaGa and many more. 'Mocks' are available in a larger range of colours than Suspender tights and can be found on most hosiery sites across the web.

fishnet suspender tights by Spotlight . . suspender tights with bows by Tespol . fishnet suspender tights with bow pattern

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Mock suspender tights with spots, Pamela Mann


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