Stylish and trendy, thick winter tights are perfect for keeping legs warm and the cold out. Wool tights or super thick opaques from any of the ranges of hosiery designers offer a great alternative to leggings or trousers, and for those ladies who prefer skirts and dress, high denier or wool tights are a must. They can add texture and style to a plain outfit, infuse a blast of colour in between a dress and your footwear and are available in muli-coloured or classic 120 denier, soft wool, ribbed, cable knit, patterned, cotton or even cashmere. With the vast array of styles available, there is no reason why women of all ages can't look fantastic in the coldest of weather - keeping warm and looking hot!

Surviving the cold without a pair of thick winter tights is like going without that hot cup of cocoa just before jumping into bed with your hot water bottle - just can't be done :(