What you should Know About Body Stockings & Bodysuits

Bodystockings and Bodysuits are actually an elastic garments used for covering the whole body. They are very tight fitting and are usually worn to flaunt a raunchy or a flirty look. Earlier bodysuits used to be made from woven material but the modern ones are made from knitted silk, cotton or nylon which are comfortable to wear and add to the 'feel good' level of any individual and have the ability to make you feel quite sexy when you are wearing one.

However one should take care of the fit, material and type of the bodysuit before buying it as if you are not used to wearing a bodystocking you could end up feeling uncomfortable. There are various types available - fine mesh, seamless, fishnet, sheer or lace - with many different styles to suit different occasions.

Types of Bodystockings & Bodysuits:
Body stockings can be divided into two types - opaque and sheer. The opaque types cover the whole body and are used as regular underwear by women. On the other hand, the sheer types are for the more adventurous women, who feel comfortable showing their skin. Sheer body stockings look similar to that of a cat suit whereby they cover your thighs, arms and torso and are usually worn under your dresses. Unlike the opaque variety, the sheer kind is made of see through material revealing parts or all of your skin underneath.

Fishnet Bodystockings & Bodysuits:
Among the sheer kind, fishnet is by far the most preferred. The wide range of colours, cuts and designs are the main causes of its popularity. It can only cover the body, or include your arms, legs, thighs. The ones which cover your torso are your regular 'inner' wear, help in shaping your body and are a source of insulation during chilly weather. For the adventurous women, printed, patterned fishnet bodystockings are the most suitable ones.

For a really feminine look, you can opt for the embroidery styled ones, or those with suspenders or mock suspender tights (examples shown on the right). Open bust, open crotch, and thong styles are the more unconventional types, generally reserved for the bedroom. Colours range from passionate red to common black to pristine white. Materials range from cotton to nylon, Spandex and Lycra. Cotton is preferred by women who want comfort, whilst Spandex is the material to look for to hide less liked areas and want the bodysuit to hug your body.

Lace Bodystockings & Bodysuits:
Lace bodysuits are available in more styles and designs than fishnet or sheer. Floral lace, butterfly lace, bows, ruffle tops, swirly lace, or Spanish lace are a few variations in this category. Lace is generally more appropriate for evening wear rather than regular wear.

Wearing an 'all in one' helps you in feeling comfortable and also aids in making your outfit a success. Lines showing from the waistband of your panties or from the bottom of your bras may spoil your appearance, but with a good body stocking, you can avoid these problems. If you plan to wear a figure hugging gown, making sure that you wear a body stocking underneath is a great way of giving the gown a smooth polished and sleek look.

Therefore, in our opinion, a body stocking or two is simply a must for every woman's wardrobe.

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net bodystocking with mock suspender tights

Off the Shoulder fishnet bodysuit

Black sleeveless bodystockings with suspender tights


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