Looking great on your wedding day isn't just all about the dress. Although it is without doubt the most important thing, everything else, including your hosiery, should be wisely chosen to complement your dress. White stockings and a garter belt are traditional wedding day accessories and finish off a beautiful dress perfectly, but whether you are wearing pure white, ivory, cream or have chosen to go for a non traditional look, picking out a matching or contrasting pair of wedding stockings, holdups or tights is an important part of creating that perfect look.

Think about the hemline of the dress, is it suitable for stockings or holdups, or would a pair of tights be more suitable? If you have chosen a close fitting dress, you will not want the waistline of your tights or a suspender belt showing through so you should consider a long line girdle, lightweight corset or shapewear with attached suspenders which will give you a smooth silhouette. If you have open shoes or sandals, you will need your hosiery to have sheer, not reinforced toes.

We have sourced some of the best bridal stockings and tights from the most popular brands for your special day. Choose from a range of sheer stockings with or without seams, holdups with patterns, frills or bows, lace tops or just plain and you are sure to look just stunning on your special day.

Whatever wedding hosiery you chose, our advice would be to buy two pairs just in case - you won't look your best walking up the aisle with a ladder in your stockings!

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