women in stockings and suspendersWhy do Stockings and Suspenders fuel men's fantasies?

Stockings have been fuelling men's fantasies for decades. Once seen as the attire of dour housewives, stockings and suspenders have manage to acquire a whole new identity as a sensual and supremely sexy type of hosiery for any woman wishing to explore her femininity. But what makes men find stockings so sexy?

Stockings not only look great, they also feel great. Made from silky nylon, modern fashion stockings are silky smooth to the touch and invite the caress of a man's hand. They also feel great to the female wearer, and because they leave the upper thighs bare, they are more comfortable in warmer weather.

But as well as the sensual sensation of silky nylon on smooth skin, sheer fashion stockings are also a stylish accessory for a shapely leg. Seamed stockings give any woman a chance to be a glamorous silver screen heroine for a day, especially when worn with a form fitting pencil skirt.

Cuban heel stockings look fantastic with a retro style 6 strap suspender belt and a sexy pair of stiletto heels, which is a look most men adore. The same applies to black stockings, lace or fishnets, and above all, stockings and suspenders. In fact, they should always be worn with a pair of sexy stilettos, preferably a pair with impractically high heels.

Why do men find stockings so sexy?
Unlike tights, stockings leave the upper thighs and crotch area free. A woman wearing tights is no different to a woman wearing trousers: she is inaccessible. But a woman wearing stockings is far more open in a sexual way, and the tantalising glimpse of bare skin above the top of the stockings is enough to send most men into erotic overdrive.

In fact there is a whole market out there for sexy stockings designed specifically for the bedroom and although there are plenty of fashion legwear designed for everyday wear that are undeniably sexy, there are plenty more styles more suited to the bedroom than a day in the office.

Fishnet stockings can be worn for a night out, but they are often the garment of choice for ladies hoping to titillate their husbands or boyfriends in the bedroom, and when combined with some sexy lingerie, have a great deal of erotic appeal.

So whether you enjoy wearing sexy stockings for comfort and fashion, or to look more alluring for your lover, there is no denying that they are indeed the ultimate in hosiery accessories for the woman who wants to accentuate her sexuality.

Whatever style you prefer, whether patterned, seamed, fishnets, sheer or that special pair of wedding stockings, we have a great range available to buy online at Swanky Pins Fashion Hosiery.


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